Kenya Barris, the creator and writer of Black-ish, sits outside his office on the ABC lot in Burbank, Calif., in December.

Ah, Kenya Barris, your ABC journey continues.

Before Barris left ABC for Netflix he sold one last show to ABC. Now, its no question ABC would buy anything he gave them after the huge success of Blackish. The director, producer and writer has brought us more than just our favourite family TV show, he is credited with co-writing Girls Trip and Barbershop : The Next Cut.

The reboot of the 1964-1972 ABC comedy takes a new bi-racial spin. The single-camera comedy would be about — a hardworking black single mother who happens to be a witch and winds up marrying a white mortal slacker.

Now, this isn’t the first time someone has tried to revive this classic show. With three tries on three different networks and a failed movie, the studio has high hopes this revival will be the one to succeed. With Blackish and the hit spin-off Grownish under his belt, there’s no doubt that with the right script this show will be another hit for Barris.

Ariana Ramanand

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