J. Cole kicked off the last week of Black History month with a little history of his own. Revenge Of The Dreamers III seems to be one of the more highly anticipated albums in recent memory. With their Instagram heavy marketing, Cole brings it back to the basics to create a genuine buzz for the Dreamville Album.

Earlier today, J. Cole did a quick Q&A with fans on YouTube, hinting at the highly anticipated release date for Revenge Of The Dreamers III.  J. Cole told his fans, “ROTD is being finished right now, post-production sh*t.” He added, “Tracking out songs, sequencing then editing, then we gotta mix. We’re shooting for April.”

Dreamville will be hosting its first annual Dreamville Fest in just about six weeks and there’s not a better way to bring in the fest with a collab album.

Ananth Para

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