Detective Pikachu
A Look at Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu in the upcoming Pokemon film. CC: Legendary

2019’s first potential franchise starter just got a new trailer. The latest look at Ryan Reynolds in Detective Pikachu seems to have touched up it’s CGI and deliver much more in regards to the many other pokemon in the world of Detective Pikachu.

The trailer introduces us to a memory-less Pikachu(Ryan Reynolds) wearing a hat with the name ‘Harry Goodman’ written in it. Harry, it turns out, is Tim’s (Justice Smith) missing father and Pikachu joins forces with Tim, after some convincing, to help him discover his past while in the meantime searching for Tim’s father. In the midst of being introduced to a handfull of Pokemon, We get a quick look at Kathryn Newton’s Lucy Stevens, a reporter who gets involved with Tim and Pikachu’s investigation.

Check out the full trailer below:

Detective Pikachu is set to be released May 10th 2019.

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