21 Savage attending 2018 MTV Video Music Awards

On Sunday, the rapper was put into custody by ICE agents who were on the scene of a traffic stop while in the car with a rapper who was the target of a criminal arrest.

21 pled guilty to felony drug charges in 2014, but the record was expunged last year. ICE does not have to honor that. The arrest and conviction can trigger deportation action.

21 is known for being proud of his “hometown” of Atlanta, rapping about the street life there and opening a foundation that promotes financial literacy for kids. After his arrest it was shortly announced that he was being detained for overstaying his visa that expired in 2005.

TMZ got word today from his lawyer stating “the rapper is in lockdown for 23 hours of the day no TV or any communication besides our 10 min phone calls.” He says 21’s in good spirits, with thanks to hearing about the huge amount of support from his fans and peers.

While it is still unclear why he did not apply for an entertainment visa later on, many believe it is due to his prior felony charge.

Ariana Ramanand

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