Halloween has passed us by, applying to both the holiday, as well as the newest installment in the Halloween series. So, with a new arrival in the classic slasher series, there are countless kills courtesy of our beloved sociopaths  throughout their 11 movie stay. So, before looking at the kills of the new movie, what are the best kills from the overall Halloween series?

10.Tripod Impalement (Halloween Resurrection)

Halloween Resurrection is a terrible movie, both on its own and as a Halloween entry. It unceremoniously kills of Laurie Strode, brings in a bunch of unlikable characters, and features Busta Rhymes beating up Michael Myers with karate. Even if you can ignore all that, the kills in this movie aren’t very unique, with the exception of this kill. A main part of Halloween Resurrection is live streaming from inside the Myers house, which just sets up a great thematic kill. This is set up is delivered upon when one of the cameramen is stabbed in the throat with a tripod, which had a still recording camera set up on, showing off multiple angles of this bloody kill, and one of the few good things about Halloween Resurrection.

9.Silent Strangulation (Halloween II)

Unlike most movie sequels, Halloween II took place on the same night as the first movie. However, the majority of this movie spent in a hospital, due to Laurie Strode’s wounds from the first movie. As this takes place in a hospital, there are tons of employees in the movie, and once two coworkers start relaxing in a hot tub, Michael puts a stop to it. Michael turns up the hot tub’s heat, and once of the people in the tub get out to change it, Michael strangles him behind a translucent window in a silent kill. This kill isn’t too flashy or gory, but it’s down right creepy, as you see their silhouettes, but hear no noise.

8.Decapitation of “Michael Myers” (Halloween H20: 20 Years Later)

H20 was a reboot of the Halloween series, in which the only canon movies were Halloween and Halloween II. So, the reboot had to be have a great showing, so it not only had the return of Laurie Strode, but it also had her on the offensive. This all culminated in the end of the movie, where after a long fight, Laurie manages to hit Michael with a car, and pin him against a tree. After that she takes an axe and cuts his head clean off. It’s a great kill, and while it’s slightly ruined by the disaster which is H20, viewing this kill isolated shines as the films lone bright spot.

7.Shotgun Stab (Halloween 4: The Curse of Michael Myers)

Michael Myers is best known for his use of knives, but that doesn’t mean he won’t use other things as weapons. However, he’s best at stabbing people, even when using weapons that aren’t that sharp. This is best seen in the fourth Halloween movie when Michael had a shotgun pointed right at someone, but instead of shooting them, he used enough force to stab through both the person, and the wall behind them. Keep in mind, there wasn’t anything attached to the gun, Michael just used enough power to skewer both a person and wall at the same time.

6.The O.G Kill (Halloween)

Michael Myers is best known as psychotic and silent serial killer, but he wasn’t always that way. In the original Halloween, we don’t see his childhood, but we do see his first ever kill. It was on Halloween night (obviously), and as he wears a clown costume, he grabs a kitchen knife and heads up to his sister’s room. As she brushes her hair, Michael walks in and stabs her tons of times, eventually killing her. This kill shows what Michael will end doing in the future, killing silently and without remorse. What makes this kill even better though, is the fact that it’s in first person, which is one of the only times the viewer actually sees how Michael kills somebody.

5.Boiling Hot Tub (Halloween II)

As mentioned earlier, Michael killed one of the two hospital employees relaxing in the hot tub, but one isn’t good enough. So, he turns the hot tub up to boiling, and starts dunking the nurse’s head into the boiling water. Her skin starts to melt off and Michael is just relentlessly dunking her head into the tub. Once the nurse has officially died, Michael tosses her lifeless and burned body off to the side.

4.Face Explosion (Halloween III: Season of the Witch)

Halloween III is a bad movie. Not only does it not feature Michael Myers, but the overall plot is just really dumb, as it involves harnessing the power of Stonehenge. But if you can ignore the dumb story, this movie has some really solid kills. One of which happens when a woman is messing with a button from a Silver Shamrock mask. Since the company is evil, of course messing with the button causes her to die, but the way she dies is unique, especially for a Halloween movie. The button shoots a layer into her face, which explodes, and then a bunch of bugs crawl out of her exploded head. It is a crazy kill, and it looks great, with her head looking gnarly after it blew up, and all the bugs that crawl out after just cementing this kill’s greatness.

3.Head to Bugs (Halloween III: Season of the Witch)

Adding to the list of  great Halloween III kills, this one actually shows the plan of the crazy Stonehenge company. Their plan was to play a commercial that would activate a chip in mask, which would turn the wearer’s head into bugs. While it both sounds and is stupid, the kill itself makes up for it. The image of a child falling to the ground with the mask moving around on his head, and then bugs crawling out of any holes in the mask. The effects of the kill are great, with the mask going down due to the lack of a head, and the bugs all crawling in, out, and around the mask just adds to the dark factor.

2.The Death of Jamie Lloyd (Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers)

The middle Halloween movies aren’t great, with bad writing, choppy editing, and a slew of other problems. However, the character of Jamie Lloyd was enjoyable through Halloween 4 and 5, but she meets her unfortunate end at the beginning of the sixth Halloween. After escaping the Cult of Thorn and hiding away her baby (long and gross story), she gets trapped by Michael in a farm. Michael pushes her into a corn thresher, which has tons of spikes sticking out of it, all of which go through Jamie’s back and out her stomach. While Jamie survived this, she couldn’t survive her disembowelment once the machine was turned on. While it was an undeserved end for a great character, not many people are killed by corn threshers, making it a very unique kill.

1.Kitchen Knife Kill (Halloween)

This is easily the best kill of the series, and one of the most iconic. It’s not too flashy, and is downright scary- acting as a good representation of the Halloween series.The scene is set as Micheal stalks his prey wandering through a  kitchen.  Michael first strangles him, and then lifts him into the air,  and stabs right through his torso and the adjacent wall. Michael then steps back to look at the man’s body being held to the wall by his knife. This kill is almost silent, and it doesn’t drag on for a long time. This kill is also one of the most iconic in the series, and the image of Michael just staring at the suspended corpse is one of the series most iconic images, and for good reason.

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