It’s 2018, and streaming services are king. Everybody has a streaming service, or is going to get one in the future. Obviously Netflix and Hulu were the start of this, and it’s gotten so large that even Disney will soon have a streaming service. But among all these powerhouses, DC has decided to create a streaming service that focuses on everything DC, from shows to movies to news, and even actual comics. So, with everything DC’s streaming service, DC Universe, is trying to do, here’s a list of things we believe they do right and wrong. 

Occasional Quality Drop

This is a small problem, but it does happen frequently enough to be a problem. Sometimes, when you’re watching something, or even reading a comic, the quality of it will just drop for no reason. It isn’t the biggest problem, but it’s still one that should be fixed.

Glitches and Crashes

When you make a streaming service like this, there will obviously be some glitches. But DC Universe, which has already been released for a few weeks, still has frequent problems. Whether it’s videos or comics taking a long time to load, or the app just randomly crashing, there are a lot of small problems that add up to a difficult to use app. 

Unable to add Entire Series to a List/Download

While this problem may seem small, when trying to add something to a list or download, you’re unable to do this. While you can add a whole TV show series to a list, you can’t do that for comics, and you can’t download all of a series for either.

Strange Comic Choices

One of the best things about DC Universe is the comics, but there are some very strange choices on what comics are shown. There are a lot of comics, but not of the ones you would think. There are tons of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, but they’re almost all old, like 40’s and 50’s old. Plus, who was really asking for over 30 issues of the Impulse and 2000’s Batgirl series.

The Price is Too High

While I love DC, for the things DC Universe offers, its cost is just too high. This high price will also deter many possible buyers. For a month of DC Universe it’s $7.99, and a year is $74.99. While DC Universe does have many great things, it just doesn’t have the draw of Netflix to cost almost the same amount. While those things were quite negative, many of them were nitpicks overall. This is due to many of DC Universe’s great features, and below this are the five best.

 Accessible on Many Devices

One great thing DC Universe does to spread itself around is just make itself so available. It’s available on phones, computers, and even some smart TVs. It spreads itself around so much that if someone wants to try it out, they probably have a device to use it.

Easy to Use

The way the DC Universe website and app is layed out is really intuitive and easy to use. You have different pages for movies/TV Shows, comics, your profile, and a few other things. Once you go to any of these pages you instantly presented with anything you were in the middle of watching/reading, and then the most popular items at that time, as well as a few themed sections, such as the Death of Superman event, or first movies.

Tons of Extra Features

DC Universe’s main catch is all the things you can watch and comics you can read, but there are a number of other features as well. There are biographies so you can read up on characters that are new, old, popular, or obscure. There are also rooms to talk in, places to posts questions or comments, and even a shop with exclusive DC merchandise.

So Many Comics

This is easily one of the best parts of DC Universe, just the vast amount of comics there are. While earlier I mentioned that there are some weird choices, there are still tons of great comics as well, such as Booster Gold, Mister Miracle, and Identity Crisis. And while the entire DC library isn’t there like it is in Marvel’s comic service, Marvel Unlimited, DC Universe has one last major thing to offer.

Almost all Movies and Shows

This is easily DC Universe’s biggest selling point, the fact that you have almost all DC movies, TV Shows, and cartoons, with more exclusive content on the way, such as the poor looking Titans, and the great looking Young Justice Season 3. These shows are finally able to be watched all in one place, and there are even really obscure things on it, such as the DC Nation shorts, and the 90’s Flash TV show. This is easily the best feature about DC Universe.


Logan Busbee

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