With the release of Venom hitting theatres tonight, Sony released a new trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse earlier this week to ‘tingle your spider senses.’ Since it is a safe bet that the trailer will be ran before the film starts, we here at Nerdy Scoop want to give you the most optimal viewing experience, so we put on our tin-foiled hats and watched the trailer on repeat to uncover cool easter eggs and what they might mean so you can take a better look at it on the big screen! With that said, if you want to go Into the Spider-Verse (see what I did there?) completely clean, we suggest you escape while you can! Still with us? ICYMI, here’s the trailer for some context:


In a comedic scene (one of many) where a crew of spider-people are hiding on the ceiling in a ball shape, a kid that appears to bare some resemblance to Ned Leeds from the MCU (a bonus easter eggs for you!) is reading a comic book. And not just any comic book: Imagine That…There Was More Than One Spider-Man.  While that is a cheeky nod to the subject of the film, we can’t help but think that is actually a secret message from Sony, as the next few easter eggs have our heart racing. Was there more than one Spider-Man this ENTIRE time?


Die-hard Spider-Man fans, or at least anyone who pays attention, couldn’t have missed this, but it is worth examining. Is the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy canon? Exhibit A: The iconic upside down kiss with Mary Jane Watson from Spider-Man (2002)

Exhibit B: Spider-Man saving MJ from a car that crashes into a cafe from Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Exhibit C: Spider-Man stopping the train from falling from a broken bridge from Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Ok, Exhibits B and C are not EXACTLY how the scene went down in the movie, but changes do make sense! I don’t think you should expect to see MJ’s nipples from the upside down kiss scene in a kids movie. So…what if the Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker? He is a bit older of a Peter Parker that we’re used to seeing. Would that make this movie a technical Spider-Man 4?


In a, “blink and you’ll miss it moment,” Miles Morales clearly has a Chance the Rapper poster that resembles the album cover for his third mixtape Colouring Book. As you can see, Chance is sporting a ‘4’ on his hat, as opposed to ‘3’. Is that a nudge that this is the 4th entry in Sam Raimi’s film series? Or more importantly, will he get a feature on Spider-Man’s next Christmas album?


In a tease that has every web-head wiping a tear from their eyes, we see our crew of Spider-People that we have met thus far in the film gathered around a bat-cave stye room, that has many spider suits in the background. In the frame above we have what appears to be (from left to right) Spider-Man 2099, OG suit, the Ultimate Stealth suit, and Agent Venom. We also have a glimpse of what appears to be the Spider-Man PS4 suit behind Peter and… that’s either Aunt May or Madame Web?

Whoever that woman is, that white spider emblem is no doubt from Insomniac’s Spider-Man PS4 game


Shoutout to Rotten Tomatoes for pointing this one out! This movie is going to be (if not already) MONUMENTAL! After 16 years of Spider-Man movies, reboots, reshoots, and studio disputes (I’m not even counting that live-action Spider-Man from the 70s) we are finally getting a Spider-Man of colour. With that said, it isn’t conceited of Sony to tip their hats to Marvel’s Black Panther with this shot of Miles Morales in his comic-accurate black suit, standing on a panther-like monument looking over his city that he is bound to protect.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse swings into theatres on December 14th 2018!

Vishal Lilman

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