IT IS FINALLY HERE! On Tuesday, Brie Larson (Captain Marvel herself) stopped by Good Morning America to drop the first trailer for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel! What’s great about this trailer is that it isn’t a teaser…. IT’S AN ACTUAL OFFICIAL TRAILER!! This is the trailer that your local theatre will run before every film for the rest of this year, until Captain Marvel is in theatres. ICYMI, or you want to refresh your mind, here’s the 1 minute and 56 second trailer:

Now this is a lot to unpack and wrap your mind around, so we here at Nerdy Scoop spent the last 2 days with the trailer on replay, searching for Easter eggs, references and small details because we live for this kind of stuff! With that said, there will be speculation of what each easter egg means, so with that said **POTENTAIL SPOILER ALERT FOR CAPTAIN MARVEL** Still with us? Let’s begin!


This is the money shot! Captain Marvel in full potential being an OP, God-like superhero! It’s no secret that she IS the most powerful Avenger, which was confirmed by Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige who said back in 2016:

All of the Marvel characters have flaws to them, all of them have a deep humanity to them. With Captain Marvel, she is as powerful a character as we’ve ever put in a movie. Her powers are off the charts, and when she’s introduced, she will be by far the strongest character we’ve ever had. It’s important, then, to counterbalance that with someone who feels real. She needs to have a humanity to tap into, and Brie can do that.”

I am more than certain that this scene is the big “payoff” that the entire movie leads into. Carol Danvers remembers a little bit more about herself than before (at least her Earth name, if she ever forgot it) and is at full power, fighting to avenge in her new, comics accurate costume, and is about to crush some Skrulls. One thing I just wish this wasn’t is an end-credit scene where she gets the message Fury sent is on her way to fly back to Earth.


This a a fairly newer, less beaten up version of the pager that Fury used in the end-credits scene of Avengers: Infinity War to page Captain Marvel. Fury is obviously paging someone else “WITH TARGET” which could indicate 2 things: This scene is part of the scene in the trailer where he first meets Captain Marvel or this is a Skrull in disguise as Fury and he is with a human target. On the topic of 90s references, we also have a fully haired Coulson, whom we haven’t seen (theatrically) since his “death” in The Avengers 

And this bad boy who we lost in 2013:

#Only90sKidsWillRemember #MyChildhoodBetterThanYours


There’s just so many feels to this. The possibly that this movie takes place in the year 1990, meaning Howard Stark could have made this before he died. Also there is a resemblance to Star Lord’s mask, with the blue oxygen mask that Yondu put on him to save his life. And the mohawk *sheds a tear* THE MOHAWK! A modern suit with comic accurate features is every comic lovers dream when watching these films! I mean look at this:

This a shot with the oxygen mask off, so she must be inside (while hanging on to her life from something), maybe a Kree ship, or a Skrull ship. The glowing eyes not only make us think about that time Batman and Superman had beef, (RIP Henry Cavill) but those eyes and gold/blue colour scheme looks like Nova!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 anyone?


On the topic of Guardians of the Galaxy, who remembers this guy? Battle axe, headpiece, looking out at deep space? That is definitely Ronan the Accuser, and he is definitely plotting something. And that planet! Is it Earth? Titan before it got demolished and still was beautiful and has waterfalls and trees? *wink* This was also stumbled upon:

May not seem like much, but for those of you who watch Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., or at least the first season, let me bring this “WTF” moment back:

Now take a GOOD look back at the first picture. The time code 0:38 in the trailer. Whatever is on that operating table does not look human at all (if it ends up being human, apologies in advanced to the actor). That must be the Kree alien that was used to bring back Coulson from the dead! I know what you’re thinking “Coulson is standing right there in the first one. Don’t you think he would’ve remembered wen he saw the Kree in the show?” NOPE! They could have easily wiped his memory of that situation when engineering his brain.


Pictured above is Jude Law’s character of Walter Lawson aka Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel from the comics. My hopes aren’t up to see him in his classic Mar-Vell suit in the movie, but it is a thought in the back of my head, and it would make every fanboy (including myself) squeal, even if it is a 10 second tease at the mid/post-credits. We also have a shot of Carol in her former Earth life standing next to Lashana Lynch’s character of Maria Rambeau:

Yes, that name does ring a bell! Maria Rambeau is the mother of Monica Rambeau, who takes on the mantle of Captain Marvel later on in the comics (after Carol Danvers). Since Brie Larson’s Marvel contact is just beginning, we don’t expect to see Monica helm the mantle in the next couple of years, but this is Marvel we’re talking about. Nothing is confirmed until they say so themselves, and they have plans going up to 2050!


We here at Nerdy Scoop care about you, and wan to make sure you get enough protein (and chocolate) so we are dishing out a bonus easter egg for y’all! The blue light appear to be a ship (or the many soldiers in their fancy, blue light emitting space suits) heading to a planet that looks way too familiar. My theory: TITAN! Not on board? Let’s revisit the last time we saw Titan:

Looks pretty similar, right? What if  it’s Ronan the Accuser is on this ship to Titan, to meet with Thanos (again), and thus initiate the hate-hate relationship they had in Guardians of the Galaxy? Or maybe something crazier that is the worst thing that could possibly put in a trailer? What is seen in the trailer is a glimpse at the post-credits scene, and the ship is a rescue ship that is on a mission to save Nebula and Tony Stark? I guess we’ll have to wait until March 8th 2019!

What are your thoughts? Was there any detail we missed? Sound off in the comments below!

Vishal Lilman

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