Hollywood: the land of sequels. Over the past 30 years we’ve gotten hundreds of sequels, some good, some bad, And some outright atrocities. And after seeing sequel after sequel being announced it dawned upon me how many missed opportunities Hollywood struck out on, especially with the ten films listed below.

10. Bad Boys

I don’t care. The world needs the final installment to the relationship that is Miami P.D officers Mike Lowery(Will Smith) and Morgan Burnett(Martin Lawrence). Say what you will about the franchise, but these movies are as entertaining as you could get. Not every film needs to have great writing and try to win an oscar, sometimes you just need to turn your brain off and watch Micheal Bay direct explosions while two of the most entertaining men in Hollywood bicker back and forth.

9. Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Look, I know this movie is not happening, but can’t you let a young boy dream? Growing up I only knew of Ron Pearlman as Hellboy, and he was a great one. With practical effects extraordinaire Guillermo Del Toro behind the lenses bringing larger than life creatures to life and Ron Pearlman kicking ass it was a pair made in heaven. If only the pair of Hellboy films made more money than we wouldn’t be a getting a reboot(although I am excited to see David Harbour play Hellboy) but we’d be getting the weird underworld adventures that GDT lenses masterfully.

8. Superbad

If you were like me and grew up as a juvenile delinquent in the mid 2000’s, Superbad was the dream. Could you imagine you and your two closest friends running around causing anarchy right before you go off your seperate ways to university/college.

Nearly a decade later after the cult classic comedy, it feels only right to see our three favourite highschoolers reunite at their highschool reunion to do crazy shinanigans just for one last go around. Sure this is a tried and tested trope but who cares? It’s superbad.

Well as a kid in middle school I was counting down the days until reenacting what I saw on the big screen in real life. Plus the movie gave me my first child’s government name, Mclovin if you’re reading this, you’re welcome son.

7. Zootopia

Surprise! An animated film. To be completely honest I could’ve put a myriad of animated films but the world of Zootopia was created for a sequel. With endless opportunities and routes to go on, the story of Zootopia seems to be only beginning and seems to be begging for a sequel. And who wouldn’t want to see a happy go lucky bunny and a sly fox team up to overcome the animal discrimination in the world? People with no hearts, that’s who.

6. 22 Jump Street‏

Out of all the films listed on this list, this seems the most likely to happen in the future. With whispers of a Men In Black and 21 Jump Street crossover(yes this is real) happening in the not so distant past, it seems to be that the actors are only willing to come back under the right circumstance( and the most lucrative). As Jonah Hill seems to be diverging into more dramatic roles and taking his shot as a director it seems that the inevitable 23 Jumpstreet is on hold for now, but under the right story and circumstances(and enough commas in both lead actors contracts) we should get a final installment of the Jumpstreet franchise before it feels like a pipedream (see: 10. Bad Boys 2).

5. Drive

Drive made me realize that Ryan Gosling doesn’t get all the roles in the world because he’s goodlooking, but that he is also one of the best actors working today. Gosling’s acting range is one that we rarely ever see, ranging from a hopeless romantic and an ultra violent and silent driver for hire.

I remember upon release Drive was highly critized for somewhat mismarketing the world and even being sued by a very displeased ticket buyer for not getting another rendition of The Fast and The Furious. As the film is based off of a book and their is a second book titled Driven, It’s only right that we kick up the intensity and the hypnotic score to the Hollywood classic and give casual film goers what they want.

4. Ready Player One

Under one condition, Steven Speilberg has to return. From a blockbuster standpoint, 2018 has been somewhat underwhelming from this here nerd, but one movie that did not disappoint was Ready Player One. Ready Player One is everything that I wanted it to be and so much more, it felt like a spectacle, like all blockbusters should be. Speilberg took on what I believe might have been the most daunting task he possibly could have taken on and transcended the action sci fi genre to give us a rollercoaster of nerdyness. Never in the film did it feel forced that we get Easter egg after Easter egg as it only just added to the experience of being in a virtual world. Filled with a world of endless possibilities, the OASIS is just waiting to be explored as we just merely dipped our toes with the wide ranging possibilities at hand.

3. Kill Bill Vol.2

Why not? Like seriously, why shouldn’t we have one of the best filmmakers to ever breathe complete the story of a bloodthirsty bride who absolutely shattered the world of pop culture and the world of cinema. Instead of me explaining why this movie deserves to have a third installment, you should try to think of a plausible reason for the world not get a Kill Bill Vol 3.

2. Mad Max: Fury Road

A man can dream, Can’t he? By every passing year the announced Mad Max: Fury Road sequel seems less and less likely to be hitting the big screen. As George Miller ages into his late 70’s, it’s only a matter of time until he hangs up his directing gloves and sails off into the sunset. Not only are Charlize Theoron and Tom Hardy seemingly packed for the next two years, the studio is in no rush to create a sequel, as the film barely broke even at the box office(adjusting profits minus marketing and vendor percentages). The story of Furiosa and Mad Max seemed to be just starting, but unfortunately for the film world it seems to be coming an unexpected close.

1. The Nice Guys

I will vouch for this Shane Black crime-comedy until the cows come home, 2016’s The Nice Guys is one of the most underrated and overlooked films that had come out in the last twenty years. Nearly everyone I’ve spoken to about this movie loves or really enjoys this film, And how couldn’t you? A noir detective story featuring two of the best actors in our generation( Russel Crowe and Ryan Gosling) being forced to team up to investigate the death of a famous pornstar while delivering quips from comedic genius Shane Black? Why isn’t this a franchise already?

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