Back in the days when the NES reigned supreme, Mega Man was one of the best and hardest platformers. However, after a fair amount of games, people started to get tired of the same game over and over. This lead to the creation of Mega Man X, a darker and more serious story, which takes place 100 years after the classic series. The Mega Man X series became popular instantaneously, and ended up receiving seven sequels. But with each of the sequels, the quality of each game seemed to drop. And now, we have the Mega Man X Legacy Collections to relive the downfall of the series.

These collections don’t have a story of their own, but do contain all eight X games, with their stories, no matter how lackluster they may be. The general story of these games has X and Zero fighting against robots that have gone Maverick, and those Mavericks are usually under the command of Sigma. Granted, some games have more story than others, but this is what all the games can end up boiling down to.

The X series has a more defined and serious graphical style, which was carried on well over through the collections. The biggest graphical changes are in Mega Man X7 and X8, which have updated and much better looking graphics. The updates helps make the games more enjoyable to play, which those games definitely need. And for the music, I mean, it’s Mega Man X. These games have some of the most famous soundtracks, so it’s obviously great. The tracks have also been remixed, but you can listen to either version in the music player.

Having to port all eight games to many different consoles was most likely hard to do, but all the games have managed to keep their original feeling, as well as the great controls. But the X games have been known to be really difficult, especially with some of the later entries. Well, there’s now a rookie mode, which can either help you take less damage, or even save you from instant kill things like spikes and pits. This does help new players that want to actually experience the game, or old players who want to quickly move through their least favorite games.

Finally, the best new thing about these collections, the X Challenge. This has you fight against certain combinations of Mavericks from X – X6, and these combinations are great. There are three fights per level, with nine levels in the collection. You go into each level with three special weapons and three lives, and have to manage to make it work for all the battles. These fights are easily the best part of the collections, having to adjust battle strategies to fight to enemies at once, three times in a row. This is what really sets these collections apart from the previous X collection on earlier consoles. These levels are also different between the collections, as they start similar, and then start to change the enemies that are paired. But not only do you fight Mavericks, you also have to fight bosses and mini bosses on certain occasions.

The Mega Man X series has had great games, as well as terrible games, but they’ve now been successfully packed together on modern consoles, allowing for revisits to the classics, as well as introducing many people to the series for the first time. With the addition of the X Challenge, these collections have definitely become the definitive way to play the X games, especially for a good cost. These two collections cost only $40, while trying to get all the games physically would cost hundreds. Whether you want to learn why almost everybody loves this series or just relive your favorite games, the X Legacy Collections are the perfect way to jump into the series.


Logan Busbee

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