Titled ‘Ghost Stories’, the episode starts off 8 years ago, exploring the early afternoon of Billy and Nathan Bowen before their deaths. Billy, Tyrone and their parents are out eating lunch, and Nathan is helping his daughter, Tandy, with ballet practice. There are then flashbacks to both of their deaths.

We fast forward to the present time, Dagger has arrived home with a coffee for her and her mom. they both greet each other with big smiles, and love. It is then revealed that today is the anniversary of Nathan Bowen’s death, thus the anniversary of Billy’s death. We then get a look at the Johnson’s family breakfast. They all look disturbed and uncomfortable. Cloak’s dad tries to make a smile, but Cloak and his mom kills the mood. The doorbell rings, so Cloak get’s the door and sees Dagger. She invites him over to her house later for a little memorial she’s having for her dad. Cloak thinks about, and displays interest in going. Tandy leaves, but then we see why Dagger made her trip in the first place. As she is walking down the driveway she’s holding a Roxxon ID from Cloak’s mom, which is her key to get into the building, and then the safe.

Meanwhile at the police headquarters, Connors sketches a picture of Cloak, or as he refers to it, “the one that got away and needs to be dealt with.” O’Reilly observes the rage in Connors, and texts Cloak telling him to run, to throw Connors off track. Cloak is right now with his father and his friends completing their Mardi Gras costume, the cloak. Cloak asks on of his father’s friends what difference between a cape and a cloak is, and he responds, “A cape is just a dag’gone shirt. But a cloak…it hugs you.” Cloak gets another text from O’Reilly, and he goes outside to meet with her. O’Reilly tells Cloak that he really needs to “lay low,” but Cloak objects and says, “I am not running away from Connors. Especially not today. Today is the 8th anniversary of the year he killed my brother, and I am going to make sure he never forgets.” Cloak meets with O’Reilly and her boyfriend officer Fuchs to discuss the master plan, that involves him wearing the same hoodie Billy was wearing, and “haunting” Connors in a way, since they have the same resemblance. O’Reilly questions Cloak’s plan, saying the he can’t possibly be fast enough to go in and out of view, and that is when Cloak decides to display his powers to them.

The plan is then executed. After tailing Connors around the dock where he shot Billy, Cloak makes a production out of appearing and disappearing and reappearing. Cloak also taunts him, by telling him, “You shot me. Cold 8 years ago. I didn’t even do anything.” He also tells Connors that he would keep on haunting him unless he confesses to what he has done. Connors apologizes to Cloak aka ‘the ghost of Billy’ and then O’Reilly and Fuchs emerges from behind a crate with he entire confession on video. Connors is then handcuffed and taken under arrest. Fuchs then tells O’Reilly of how astonished and amazed he is at Cloak’s abilities, and O’Reilly then says, “This is nothing compared to New York. Have I ever told you about my friend Misty?” This is a nod to the Netflix Universe line of superheroes (Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist.)

Meanwhile, Dagger breaks into Roxxon, and finds the memo she’s been looking for. Dagger then runs into Peter (the CEO of Roxxon) and ties him up, giving him a full read while he struggles against the tape. Peter offers Dagger money for the memo and any evidence linking Roxxon to the explosion. He asks if she really even knew her father as well as she thinks she does. But Dagger declines the money, leaving Peter tied up, and slicing the building’s stability on her way out. Peter still manages to escape, however.

With both of their personal vendettas put to rest, Cloak and Dagger join hands in the memorial of Nathan Bowen. Cloak asks Dagger about her mission, and she says, “I got a confession from him. It’s not about the money, I just want my father’s name cleared.” Dagger then asks Cloak about his stakeout, and he says, “I scared the shit out of him.” All of a sudden, the pair are transported to their shared nether-space again. Cloak and Dagger end up standing across from the front door of Dagger’s old house. When Cloak opens it, Tandy asks him if it’s “a fear or a memory.” But they step into what looks like a movie theatre and, in this memory, we watch as Daggers’s father slaps her mother after accidentally spilling coffee that she made for him, on his work. Dagger is clearly horrified. And that’s when the memory ends. Back in the present, she glances at her mother, and sees her in a whole new way.

The episode ends with the bar of soap dropped once again. Dagger calls Nathan, and asks him if the deal is still on. O’Reilly goes into Fuchs house for some breakfast, and opens the fridge to see his body severed up and stuffed inside.

This series just keeps on getting better and better, with each episode being better than the last. We get a reference that ties this series to the MCU, and although it’s a name drop of New York, it is not regarding oh so cringe worthy words: “the incident.” We also get an intriguing superhero moment that is rare in the MCU, when a hero’s costume is explained with its purpose, in this case Tyrone’s Mardi Gras cloak. The episode ends on a very interesting note, because we are now 2 episodes left with the season, but season one’s main story arc was wrapped (kind of) and you would expect the cliffhanger that this episode ended on to be resolved in a season 2, not in a weeks worth of a wait. This excites me because that just goes to show how strong the writers of the series are, since they have more story to tell. Especially since this series doesn’t rely on a lot of CG, just practical effects, and it still captivates of being a teen drama, which is not a regular norm for superhero shows.

Vishal Lilman

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