And just like that we are at the end of season one for Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger. Appropriately titled “Colony Collapse” this season finale was literally explosive. Like, this recap can’t do justice to the spectacle that was seen on tv, but I’ll try. We got to see Cloak and Dagger not only team up once again after their dispute last episode, but use their powers in a “Thor styled” OP mode, grand slam finale that might even slap Inhumans out of everyone’s memory (sorry if I reminded you).

The episode starts off with a history lesson of the MCU’s New Orleans. Evita’s aunt narrates the story of the first ever “divine pairing” saving New Orleans. Two brothers of the Choctaw Tribe strapped leather on the shoulders and carried a bucket of rocks. Whosever shoulder has a mark on it from the leather would have to drown himself in the ocean as a sacrifice to save New Orleans from the famine of fish not floundering and crops not growing. After the sacrifice, everything was back to normal. Throughout the episode we see this “divine pairing” throughout many decades that ends a family feud and storm, and even a town wide illness. To jog your memories to when this idea was first proposed in episode 3, out of the two members in the divine pairing, one must die while the other lives to end the tragedy. In this case, the divine pairing is Cloak and Dagger.

Picking off right where we left off in episode 9, Dagger is currently watching her mother be held at gunpoint by one of Peter Scarborough’s associates. It isn’t long after until she catches the hands of Dagger and her mom, then runs away after Dagger cuts her leg. Dagger instructs her mom to lay low from the government and Roxxon, and then leaves. She goes back to Mina’s greenhouse to look for her. She is then caught in a situation between Terrors, which are zombie-like state Roxxon workers who were infected with a gas made by Roxxon that turns them against society, and in order to get infected you need to be touched by one. Dagger stabs every Terror that challenges her, and eventually gets to Mina. They figure out what’s going on, then decide to go to Roxxon to talk with Scarborough and to see what his say in all of this is.

Meanwhile, Cloak is in the Mardi Gras costume camp where his dad finds him. Cloak’s dad assures him that he knows he didn’t kill Fuchs, and tells him to run away as far as possible, and when he settles to send a post-card. He gives his son his cloak, and it isn’t long until the police shows up. Cloak disappears without a trace, like he does, leaving his father in wonder as he didn’t see or hear his son leave.

Mina and Dagger are in an elevator, just as Scarborough walks in which is really convenient. They interrogate him into getting info on his motives, and how it can be stopped. This scene was particularly jaw-dropping because we got TWO MCU tie-ins. When asked what he is digging up, Scarborough says, “Power. And with great power comes….more power. To match that of a Stark and a Rand.” Within 6 seconds, we got a jab at Uncle Ben’s “With great power comes great responsibility” speech, and name drops of two MCU rich families, Stark (Iron Man) and Rand (Iron Fist). He then decides to tell the two girls that in order to stop the plague, the valves need be shut down in the power plant, just like how it was done on the rig in an earlier episode. Dagger then goes inside Scarborough’s head and directs him to a door that has “all the power he could ever want.”

We then cut back to Cloak who is in the middle of the Mardi Gras parade.He is surrounded by cops all over, and one spots him. He teleports out and about the parade, but then leaves the crowd as the cops start chasing him. O’Reilly then pulls up in a car and tells him to get him, but every cop surrounds him with guns pointed. The two are then taken under arrest.

Mina and Dagger are on their way back to their car when terrors come chasing after them. They run into an abandoned warehouse, where they try to lock everything up and escape through the roof. Tandy is able to get the from and back doors shut, but Mina couldn’t even close a window unnoticed. A Terror grabs a hold of Mina and she turn into one. She is then chases Dagger, who just runs because she doesn’t want to hurt Mina.

Back at the police station, Cloak and O’Reilly are kept handcuffed and locked up, and will be dealt with by Connors, since:  a) He hates their guts
b) The police in the MCU are a “bros before hoes” type of operation  and                                  c) The chief officer is turning up at Mardi  Gras.

When Connors arrives, he takes O’Reilly and Cloak, but then a commotion happens at the station when a white Mardi Gras party-goer breaks in and starts being crazy. It happens to be a Terror, and I point out he is white because he just gets tasered, while Billy gets SHOT with a GUN in the series opener. *sips tea* Cloak and O’Reilly escape to the weapons room to get some amo. When they leave a whole bunch of Terror have infiltrated the police hq, taking some officers as their victim. Cloak goes into a room and lures all of the terror with him. They start ripping his cloak by the time O’Reilly is able to lock the door. He then teleports out into Daggers location, and tasers Mindy. Dagger says, “It’s about time you showed up.” This is funny because the last interaction they had they were telling each other to keep away and stay their distance.

They go back at the church to make sense of everything and to create a game plan. It is then when Evita meets with the them  to let them know that they are the divine pairing, and in this battle, one of the will die. Dagger is completely phased with this statement, but Cloak isn’t as death is something that he has thought about many times, as we saw in a previous episode. Seeing that Cloak’s cloak is torn to shreds, Dagger decides it’s time to give Cloak his old cloak back, the first thing she ever stole from when they washed up on shore 8 years ago after the explosion. While this is going on, O’Reilly and Connors have a shoot out. Connors shoots O’Reilly, and a Roxxon pipeline that explodes and blows O’Reilly into the water.

Cloak and Dagger fight their way through Terrors to get the the Roxxon power plant. In the process, Cloak gets shot int eh process, but he isn’t harmed that much. They are then confronted by Connors who threatens to shoot Dagger. Dagger slices the gun in half, and Cloak teleports him the the roof of the Roxxon plant, where he threatens to throw Connors off. Connors reaches for another shot-gun, and then dark matter emerges from Cloak’s cloak, like in the comics, and swallows Connors whole, as we have seen in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with the “dark matter cube.”

Cloak teleports back to ground level where he tells Dagger he is going to sacrifice himself because he feels that he is meant to die. Dagger tries to talk him out of it, but Cloak is to stubborn. He goes inside and starts to shut the down the valves. He does so but nothing happens. Dagger then slices a door open, and tells Cloak, “To hell with the divine pairing. We are both going to die.” They decide to do that thing they did when they first met, which was to hold hands and hope things go BOOM! They did and it worked. As soon as they held hands, black and white beams shot up into the sky, and everyone was back to normal (this is one of those things where you just have to watch it).

The episode wraps up on many high notes. Dagger moves back in with her mom, Cloak teleports back into his house, takes his clothes and a family picture, and moves into the church that Dagger stayed at. We also see O’Reilly mere from a swamp, but this time she has glowing green eyes and can teleport. She could possibly be rebirth as evil, and be the big bad of season 2!

All in all, this is an amazing and well done season finale. Everything was wrapped up nicely, not a single plot point was left out/wasn’t solved or addressed in this finale. We got to see Dagger hit it home with Cloak and not being so suicidal and being more of a “team-player” as we did when she first had a vision of him, and Cloak and Dagger stopping the infectious Terror disease from shutting off the valves, that they have done in Ian’s mental world.

Vishal Lilman

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