So what happens when a group of moms desperate for cash rob a grocery store? A suspenseful and cleverly funny drama appears on Netflix! Good Girls is a crime comedy/drama about 3 moms who each have a need for cash fast, and rob a grocery store. The heist turns out to be quite complicated, because the grocery store turns out to be a front for a money laundering gang. Throughout the first season the moms try to dig themselves out of the entangled web of the gang’s inner workings while dealing with their own demons. Let’s examine the individual mothers:


A high strung and strong housewife who just found out her husband blew their money buying lingerie for his mistress. To pay for their mortgage and raise their kids, she suggests robbing a grocery store. Throughout the story, she continues to return to the “thug life” despite her inner conscience telling her not to. I personally predict that she hooks up with the gang leader, Rio, because they have SUCH good on screen chemistry


Beth’s younger sister, Annie is a single mother in the midst of a custody battle. She is fiercely defensive of her daughter, who wishes to stay with Annie but the court deemed that she should stay with her richer father. Annie is extremely impulsive and tends to act on her first emotions rather than thinking it out. Along with this, it was her idea to rob the store she works at, and it was her boss who recognized them (he plays a major role in the story).


A strong waitress whose daughter has cancer and needs various treatments. Her husband is a new police officer so he does not make much money. Ruby is the most sensible mother, and often tries to sway her friends away from crime, though she needs the money most in order to save her daughter’s life.

Before I take it apart, I am going to explain the general plot of the show. The show opens with the mothers ranting about their monetary issues and joking around about robbing a store. Annie (the compulsive single mother) seriously brings up robbing her workplace due to its low security and after a few drinks of whisky decide to actually rob it. The day of the robbery all goes well, except the manager Leslie sees Annie’s tattoo and decides to blackmail her. The robbery is a success and the families are able to pay their expenses. Leslie decides to use his blackmail and have sex with Annie but this backfires and the girls kidnap him and lock Leslie in a treehouse. Meanwhile, Beth finds out that the store is a front for a money laundering gang and now owe the men a debt. After multiple episodes of trying to escape the gang and laundering money and trying to keep Leslie on the quiet, we are left with many questions. In the grand finale, Ruby’s husband discovers his wife’s criminal activity, Annie’s child is bullied further for being genderqueer, and Beth is forced to choose whether or not to kill either her ex or the mafia boss Rio.

Were their actions justified? They were all in very dire circumstances. If they hadn’t gotten the money, all three of their lives would have fallen apart. Did this warrant a descent into crime? In my opinion, there were more legal ways to pick up cash. For example, they could have taken out a loan or cut out more of their luxuries. Their descent into crime was expected, of course, seeing as though any sensible mafia would have wanted to collect their losses. Did Beth really have to let it draw out this long? In my opinion, no. Laundering money is a lucrative buisness, and it is easy to see how someone can get addicted to the thrill. Beth fell down the trap head first and dragged the others with them.

How was the quality of the show? The show had good pacing, and it did a good job of ending most episodes  with a cliffhanger. The finale’s plethora of issues yet to be solved left me craving more, especially Beth deciding whether to kill her husband. Along with that, the FBI is on their trail and on the verge of finding them. I personally love the characters, and the fact that they portrayed a child as being genderqueer, it was a revolutionary move and I totally enjoyed that it was not their entire character. Having a POC character who was portrayed as strong and rational is a good way of putting out good role models.

Overall, this show was worth it to watch. It’s non-complicated but still entertaining plot is perfect for binging in one sitting, and best of all a new season is set to premiere next year! So sit down and prepare to never see your mother in the same way again…

Grade: A


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