Nerds rejoice! It is finally that time of year where we can cosplay our favourite characters, get our memorabilia signed by the creators, and get hyped for what the future has in store for our entertainment: SAN DIEGO COMIC CON 2018 IS UPON US!! We here at Nerdy Scoop understand that a plane ticket to San Diego alone is pricey, so we got you covered right from the comfort of your home! We’ll shine light on your FOMO all week for coverage and highlights of the biggest announcements at this year’s Comic Con!

Day 1 was a huge success and turnout. We got news from DC, CW, AMC, BBC, WB and Star Wars! News so big, the rest of the week has A LOT to live up to, because the way scheduling works is the announcements and big reveals get bigger and bigger by the day, and that excites us! Lets dive right in:



The force is strong with this one! After The Last Jedi tore the fandom in half, and Solo collectively exhausted the fandom from Star Wars in general, the LucasFilm juggernaut was starting to suffer from a decline in momentum, after cancelling/pushing back some of their future projects. Last night however, Star Wars fans alike, whether they liked TLJ or not, were collectively tearing up, jumping out of their seats and screaming at the best 2 minutes and 34 seconds of Star Wars released this year! Star Wars The Clone Wars is coming back for a Season 7 on Disney’s new streaming service, and the nostalgia is kicking in! All of the voice actors are back from the original series, as well as the animation team, as the graphics and character designs are similar to that of Clone Wars as opposed to Rebels.


We finally have our official first look at DC TV’s new show Titans. Following the adventures and origins Teen Titans, but for a more grown audience as opposed to Teen Titans GO! This new series promises action, violence, teen drama and a dark Robin! F**** Batman! We can’t wait to see how this connects to the Arrowverse and maybe we’ll get a cameo from the Dark Knight himself!


It just isn’t Comic Con without Doctor Who. This year BBC unveiled a new Doctor Who series via trailer with an all new cast, and all the same sci-fi goodness that we love! This is the first series to premiere a FEMALE DOCTOR!! That’s right, this lady’s got a Ph.D and is ready to face any wacky adventure the 10 episode season has to offer this Fall!


Warner Bros. is continuing their Predator franchise with their 6th film (including the 2 Alien vs Predator films) The Predator! At Hall H, they premiered some footage from the movie, set the hit theaters September 13 2018 that features 2, count them, 2 Predator’s fighting each other!!! We don’t have the footage, but be sure to enjoy the theatrical trailer until it is released to the world!


There have been rumors going on for the past 2 months, and Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman confirmed that Andrew Lincoln will indeed be leaving the show. Will his character die? Move unto hiding/retirement? The possibilities are endless! Will it be an emotional ending that has me crying as I write? *sniffs* Yes.


3 witches living in the real world, being haunted by the magical world. Why would such a show ever end? The top watched show of the 90’s and early 2000’s is coming back to television with an all new cast, all new story and all new episodes! Those who were lucky to be in attendance got a special ‘first look’ at the new series, but until the show’s release this September on CW check out the teaser trailer above!


Sure tv, and movies are great and the big thing now as it is entertaining and easy to do, but what is Comic Con without the COMICS? With the MCU opting out this year, all eyes are on DC and they took this opportunity by the horns! With the announcement of new writers for their Aquaman and Green Lantern comic series, they also released news on a new Shazam! comic series to be released later this year! This is a great way to build hype, and get people in on the character of Shazam before the movie hits theaters in 2019!

Vishal Lilman

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