The 7th episode of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger was a nail biter! The episode was titled “Lotus Eaters,” and it is what we have ALL been waiting for. Cloak and Dagger are finally one! They are FINALLY on the same team fighting/working together/solving things.

The episode starts off in the past. Mina makes cookies for her father, Ivan, who then flies over to the Roxxon oil rig. He arrives, demands to speak to Nathan Bowen, and then the alarm sounds as the explosion is about to go off, which paralyzes him. We then go back into present day with him in the nursing home.

Cloak and Dagger’s journey this episode starts off in the church with Cloak, post breakdown. He tells Dagger about the shoouting. Dagger quickly brushes the matter off and tells Cloak about Ivan, his vision and the door with black cloud coming out. He is reluctant at first, but agrees to go with Dagger to the nursing home to take a look at Ivan. When they arrive, they hold Ivan’s hand, unlock the door and are transported into the oil rig during the explosion (when the alarms go off). They are “greeted” by a worker who tries to hit them with a shovel. Dagger stabs hI’m, then the two escape to a nearby office, where they find a young Ivan. It appears that Cloak and Dagger are in a time warp, since Ivan does not know his name, and says he’s been in this same situation for years. Cloak suggests that in order to stop the loop, they have to stop the explosion from happening. They try to go downstairs to the core room to stop the explosion from happening, but they are stopped by Roxxonn workers, and the rig explodes.

They are then transported to their original interaction with Ivan. Cloak and Dagger try explaining to Ivan that they’ve come from the real world and attempt to convey that Ivan’s been trapped in this alternate reality for the past eight years. Dagger then brings up her father’s name and Ivan remembers it as “the guy on the phone” and it’s revealed that Nate Bowen was speaking with Ivan when the Bowen’s car crashed into the Gulf. Just as he says that, the phone rings and Dagger picks up, talking to her father. The big explosion happens again and the two are taken back in time…again, to their initial interaction with Ivan…….again.

The phone rings and Dagger picks up talking to her father. Cloak decides to focus his energy to go to the core room to turn off the valves so the explosion doesn’t happen. To dodge the rabid Roxxon employees he decides to use his teleportation powers. He makes it into the core room, but is unfortunately half way through turning off the valves when the explosion happens. He is then taken back in time. Cloak gives up and says it’s impossible, and what happened happened, and tells Dagger that they need to head back into the real world. They count to three and teleport out….. or at least only Cloak does. It appears that Dagger has chosen to stay back just so she can keep on talking to her dad.

Cloak goes back into Ivan’s mind, but this time when he sees Dagger, she is in the same state of mind that Ivan is in. She doesn’t know her name, who Cloak is and where she is from. The only thing she knows is the moment. Cloak tries to jog her memory, but Dagger says that she is happy here and she is only playing Cloak. Cloak gets cheesed an unplugs the phone as soon as it rings, which triggers Dagger and the two start fighting, like a mini Civil War. It’s awesome! Dagger is just throwing light daggers while Cloak is just teleporting. Time resets, and the 2 go at it some more. Time resets again and Cloak throws in the towel, and gives up. He admits that if Billy was on the phone, he wouldn’t leave either. But he challenges Dagger to ask her father something that he would only know. When the phone rings, Dagger picks up the phone and asks her father, “who is in the backseat of your car right now?” Nate replies, “No one,” and Dagger breaks down, as she realizes she isn’t actually talking to her real father, just a “simulation,” and she remembers EVERYTHING. Dagger then sees Ivan with a cookie Mina made, and she tries to jog his memory., so he can not be paralyzed in ‘real time’ and “do the right thing.” Tandy says that secret ingredient in the cookies is cardamom, and then Ivan starts crying as he finally remembers Mina. He asks the see Mina but tells the two that he can’t exit this reality and Cloak reminds him that he needs to get down to the core room to shut the valves off himself. Ivan’s upset because he’s tried doing it time and time again but Dagger reminds him that he’s never had them to help.

The three fight their way through the workers to get to the core room and Ivan shuts off the valves before the big explosion. The three instantly wake back up in the hospital and Ivan’s fully conscious. In the real world, Ivan doesn’t know who Cloak and Dagger are and asks to see Mina, who happens to arrive, with a bag of cookies.

Cloak and Dagger go to their respective homes. Cloak looks through an old shoe box of pictures and finds an old voice recorder. Dagger tries falling asleep and then her phone rings. It’s Cloak. He tells Dagger he needs somebody to talk to. Dagger convinces Cloak to press play on the voice recorder and it’s a clip of him and Billy freestyling as kids.

This episode was one of the best one’s so far, and I hope it gets even better! It’s intense, emotional, and it’s the beginning of Cloak and Dagger as a unit! We got to see the two work together, and fight each other within the span of 1 hour. They also managed to earn their title as ‘heroes’ since they saved someone’s life, which could possibly domino effect into avenging the many deaths that the oil rig explosion caused.

Vishal Lilman

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