The 6th episode of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger was intense. The episode starts off with the viewer thinking that the heroes have their game together, and a set action plan, but ends with them being torn emotionally and in spirit. Appropriately titled “Funhouse Mirrors” this episode leaves the viewer feeling all sorts of ways, then remembering that it is all just a tv show for audience fun, enjoyment, and entertainment…right?

The episode starts off with Evita and her aunty doing a voodoo tarot card reading. According to aunty, it has to do with New Orleans being in grave danger Cloak and Dagger aka ‘the divine pairing’. Throughout the episode, (in between the stories of Cloak and Dagger)  we get scenes with Evita and her aunty doing this voodoo reading, uncovering new, but vague information about their fates. By the end of the episode it is revealed that, “One will live, and one shall die.” Maybe it’s like a moral death, where Cloak’s moral to protect the people he cares about will live, and Dagger’s moral tot are back from the world will die, and she will become a better person/hero. The first thing that came into my head was Avengers: Infinity War and  **SPOILER ALERT** Thanos’ finger snap that wipes out half of the universe. This would be a great way to end the season, and Avengers would come out next spring, and season 2 of Cloak and Dagger will return in the summer with both characters teamed-up again for another Summer. This would play perfectly with the MCU theme of “It’s all connected.”

Cloak had the most frustrating story arc in this episode. He begins by asking Duane, a friend of Cloak’s brother (before he died) for a job at his warehouse. It is important to note that Cloak wants answers because he saw that Duane is working with Connors, the cop that killed his brother (Billy). Duane politely denies Cloak a job saying that he should go to college, and his life is “beyond a warehouse.” Cloak also low-key knows that Duane is dealing drugs, so he follows one of Duane’s dealers. The dealer immediately takes notice and points a gun at his head, saying, “If you ever follow me again, you’re dead.” Cloak meets up with Dagger at the church. Dagger suggests that Cloak should use his powers against the dealer, to look into his nightmares and what he fears the most. Cloak is on his way back to Duane, when he sees Duane’s dealer, this time with a stolen backpack. Cloak steals the backpack, but the dealer catches up to him and and tries to take it back. Using Dagger’s advice, Cloak decides to hold onto the dealer’s arm and use his fears against him. The dealer then looks at Cloak and runs away, leaving Cloak with the backpack. Cloak takes the backpack back to Duane, who sees Cloak’s commitment and offers him a job. He also let it slip that he was on the dock with Cloak (hiding) the night Connors shot Billy. Cloak freaks out and says that Duane needs to speak up, and he start blackmailing Connors (since Connors and Duane are dealing together). Connors then enters the warehouse saying that Duane needs to shoot O’Reilly when she walks in because she is the only cop in NOPD that is coming really close to finding out their drug partnership. Duane refuses, but is shot on sight as O’Reilly enters. Cloak screams and runs away, then Connors chases him, acknowledging that a witness was eavesdropping on his previous conversation. Connors shoots, but Cloak teleports back into the church.

This was really frustrating on Cloaks behalf, and we can see that as the episode ends with him breaking down in tears when he teleports to the church. Not only was Duane a friend of Billy and the closest thing he has of him aside from his memories, but he was an actual witness who saw Connors shoot and kill Billy. Duane was Cloak’s key to bringing justice to Billy’s early death. It is also frustrating that both Billy and Duane died at the hands of the NOPD, for no apparent reason. Seeing Duane get shot right in front of his eyes must have brought back memories of Billy’s death for Cloak.

Daggers story arc was the highlight of last night’s episode. After hearing her give a speech at the Roxxon dinner party, Dagger poses as a girl named Liz who is going to be Mina’s intern. Mina is an important target for Dagger because not only is she an Environmental Scientist for Roxxon, but her dad worked with Dagger’s dad and is a survivor of the explosion on the bridge. Mina is reluctant at first, but then opens her arms and welcomes ‘Liz’ to her project. The next day Dagger meets Cloak at the church and the two exchange their personal missions. Dagger then goes to a rundown amusement park where Mina lives. Mina offers Dagger inside and offers her a cookie. Dagger immediately takes notice of Mina’s model of an oil rig and tries to ask Mina about it, but Mina changes the topic instantly. The two then go down to begin work. After talking for a bit, Mina opens up and reveals that Roxxon isn’t drilling for oil, they’re drilling for a mysterious substance that burns ten times hotter than oil. Mina’s supervisor comes and orders Mina to look into a failing valve. Mina and Dagger then find out that the valve has been put in the wrong location, because Mina’s coworker Stan was trying to cut corners. After arguing for a bit, Mina storms off on Stan, and Dagger uses her light dagger to slash Stan’s tires. Dagger catches up with Mina and tries to question her about her father. Mina, who is now tired of all of the questions, lashes out of Dagger and tells her that she knows her name isn’t Liz, and it’s Tandy Bowen, and she is Nathan Bowen’s daughter. Mina and Tandy both go to a nursing home, where Mina’s father is housed. It is revealed that his health is failing and he can no longer talk. This explains why Mina is so reluctant to answer questions about or relating to her father. Dagger touches Mina’s father to take a look at his hopes and dreams. Dagger sees a cracked door with Cloak’s black cloud seeping out from it.She touches the door and the vision ends.

This is very frustrating for Dagger for many reasons. First of all, she lied to Mina and put in so much work for no reason, because Mina found out the truth and would’ve just gave Tandy what she wanted, since both of their fathers worked together. It is also frustrating for her because the closest thing to her father, a survivor of the oil explosion who can give her answers to her questions can’t even talk. It was very interesting to see however the two different lives of Mina and Dagger. Both of their fathers have suffered from the oil explosion, but they each had different outcomes. Dagger’s father died, and she got everything taken away from her and turned to a life of crime, lying, cheating and swindling. Mina’s father was severely injured, but still alive, and she turned out to be an Environmental Scientist, which required her to stay ins school graduate from University, maybe even get a Master’s degree. The same event could leave one person so broken and hopeless, while the other is so successful and hopeful.

This episode ends with both Cloak and Dagger at the church. To retract from my statement last week, a 10th episode was announced for an August 2nd air date, which means they are announcing more episodes as the season goes by. We definitely have plenty ways to go until the season finale, but at this point we know which direction the show is heading in. Cloak and Dagger are both on their separate personal missions, but they need to realize that they work better as a team. If they could crack down the Roxxon corruption and turn in Connors for what he has done, they will both be successful. An interesting scene that is mention worthy happened at the beginning of the episode. Duane was getting down and dirty with his girlfriend, but his girlfriend is a lighter skin tone than him, and has blonde hair. This was to mislead the audience thinking that it was Cloak and Dagger getting PG, as they do have a relationship in the comics. I feel like that won’t explored until season 2 or later, since this season has established Evita as THE love interest for Cloak.

Vishal Lilman

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