Just like any superhero movie ever, Disney and Pixar’s The Incredibles is laced with easter eggs, references, and connections to other Pixar films. Today let’s dive right in and explore them!

 1. Finding Mr. Incredible

You will have definitely missed this one since Finding Nemo was released in 2003, while The Incredibles had their big screen debut in 2004. In the dentist’s office, towards the end of the movie when the fish were attacking the dentist to escape, the little boy happens to take notice of all of the noise, and he just so happens to be in the middle of his Mr. Incredible comic book.

2. Monsieur Incredible

If you spotted this easter egg, I applaud you! Only the sharpest of eagle-eyed viewers could’ve caught this one during their first watch of Disney and Pixar’s Ratatouille in 2008. A Mr. Incredible poster can be seen on the streets of France. Maybe a promotional poster for an in-universe Incredibles movie?

3. Mr. Incredible’s GPS

Taking place during the first action sequence, Mr. Incredible’s GPS is actually modelled after the real life location of Pixar Studios. The street names seen are the exact street names located around the animation studio’s HQ.

4. The Luxo Ball

It just wouldn’t be a Pixar movie without this blue and yellow ball with a red star. The ball has made many appearances in many of Pixar’s films, including Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Monsters Inc., and it has finally made it’s way to The Incredibles! This can be seen as one of Jack Jack’s toys in the Jack Jack Attacks short, that was included in the DVD release.


5. Eggs on the menu

Two easter eggs , one scene! Just when Mr. Incredible and Fro-Zone are pulling out of the alley after catching something good on the police radar, 2 restaurants can be seen, with familiar owners. On the left we have ‘Andy’s Bakery’ which is a nod to Toy Story‘s Andy, and on the left above the ‘No Parking’ sign we can faintly distinguish ‘Luxo’s Deli’ named after Luxo, the Pixar lamp that’s always squashing the ‘i’ in Pixar at the beginning of every Pixar movie.

6. Autoshow

As we learned from Finding Nemo, Disney and Pixar hasa knack for teasing future projects in their films. This happens again during the final battle when Mr. Incredible the fighting the Omnidroid, we can spot a car that bares a shocking resemblance to Doc Hudson from Disney and Pixar’s Cars franchise. Of course minus the eyes and mouth, unless…he was just sleeping? Hmmm. 

7. A1-13

As iconic as the Luxo Ball, it also wouldn’t be a Pixar movie without a reference to room A-113, the California Institute of Arts classroom used for graphic design and animation students that would eventually go on the work for Disney, such as Tim Burton and even the film’s own director, Brad Bird. A1-13 can be seen as the cell Mr. Incredible was locked up in on the island.

**BONUS** 1 Year, Too Early

The Incredibles 2 was set to hit the big screen next year, 2019, and this year we were supposed to get Toy Story 4. That would make Incredibles 2 release 15 years after the first movie, which is a callback to Syndrome’s line after Mr. Incredible tries to set things right with him, “Too late! 15 years too late!” Things obviously didn’t turn out that way, for the better!

That’s all we could find. How many were you able to spot? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments section below!

Vishal Lilman

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