Last night’s episode of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger was another great watch. The show already refreshes itself, going from the ‘real world’ complex of an origin story tragedy to a more comic book accurate type of exploration for our heroes’ new found powers. The change in tone may have been a result of Peter Hoar taking the director’s chair and new writers Ariella Blejer and Dawn Kamoche.

Titled “Stained Glass” the episode starts off right where episode 2 ends off. Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) unexpectedly teleports to the same road that Tandy (Olivia Holt) happens to be driving on. He fires the gun, and Tandy drifts off road and crashes her car into a tree. After the title sequence, that included a shot of something being manufactured (we get that here and there during the episode), Tandy starts to regain consciousness. She looks up and sees Tyrone holding a gun and instantly recognizes him from the ‘party incident’. She gets back up, and drives off after hearing police sirens, leaving Tyrone speechless.

Shortly after Tandy gets home, a PD (not Jessica Jones, unfortunately) knocks on her door. Tandy’s mom tells her to stay in the bathroom, and answers the door. The detective wants to know about Tandy’s whereabouts, as she believes Tandy is a victim of sexual assault. Tandy’s mom pleads the fifth, and shuts the door. When she goes back to the bathroom, Tandy has already left running, as the back door is left open.

Tandy gets on a bus. Like every teenager…ever, she plugs into her phone to listen to some tunes, in a  bus surrounded by people. She closes her eyes for a moment and when she reopens them, the bus is empty and not moving. She gets off the bus and walks onto a street ball court. She sees a young Tyrone.

Meanwhile, Tyrone, who is confused out of his mind right now, goes to his church to speak to God and his older brother. One of Tyrone’s classmates, Evita (Noëlle Renée Berc), hears him confessing, and she suggests voodoo. Later that day they go on a New Orleans ‘Voodoo Tour’ where they learn about the religion that lurks within the cracks of New Orleans bringing and culture. They seek advice from Evita’s aunt, who is a Voodoo priest. She tells Evita, “I don’t know about this one, he feels like he doesn’t deserve help.” Tyrone is left speechless, because that is exactly how is is feeling. Aunty deals some cards to Tyrone, one being the joker. She exclaims that, “the joker is a sign of both fear and hope.” Then she suggests a cleansing bath to Tyrone, and gives him a Whole Foods shopping list to make the bath.

After Tyrone preps the bath, and soaks in it, he wakes up to an empty, dark house. As soon as he opens the front door, he is on the rooftop of ‘Roxxon Energy Corporation’ where he sees a young Tandy in her ballet leotard. Roxxon Corp., is going to play a really big role in this series, as it is the company Tandy’s dad works for. If that name rings a bell, it’s because Roxxon has been name drops in other MCU properties. It’s logo can be seen in all 3 Iron Man movies,  Daredevil, and the Marvel One-Shot A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer.

Going back to Tandy’s ‘spiritual journey’ she sees Tyrone come out from behind a tree dressed in all white in the middle of the woods. There is a table with a lot of murder weapons. Tyrone picks up a gun, and shoots Connors, then the cops come out of no where and chase him Tandy screams, and the scene resets. Tyrone comes back out from behind the tree and he picks up a rope. He hangs the rope from a tree branch, then the cops come out and chases him. Tyrone then hangs himself, and the scene resets. Tyrone emerges from behind the tree again.

Tandy, knowing that Tyrone can’t see her, tries to speak out to Tyrone. She says, “It’s all going to end the same way. You have to try something different!” A light dagger emerges from her hand, and she places it on the table. When Tyrone picks up the dagger, it turns into a pair of handcuffs, and he looks up at Connors, whose face turns to fear and runs away.

What’s going on in this scene is a team-building exercise. Earlier on in the episode, before she drives away, Tandy tells Tyrone that she hopes she never sees him again. Tandy is right now in what seems to be a ‘mind world.’ If you seen Infinity War (SPOILERS AHEAD) the Soul Stone hosts the Soul World, a place where all of the souls that have been taken by the stone reside. What if the Mind Stone had a world like that, where the world is someones mind. Like you can be in their thoughts. That’s what’s going on here between Tandy and Tyrone. Tyrone feels that death is the only way. If he can’t get closure by shooting Connors, he will get closure by killing himself. Tandy hands Tyrone a dagger that turns into handcuffs.

The handcuffs is symbolism for justice. Death doesn’t have the be the only outcome, Tyrone can get closure by trusting the system and proving Connors is guilty. Tandy is now, or should now be, more sympathetic towards Tyrone, and instead of running away she might try to figure out what is going on between them, the next time the they meet up in real life.

Similarly, Tyrone is on a spiritual bonding trip with Tandy’s mind. The young Tandy is practicing her ballet on the Roxxon Corp. rooftop when she is about to go into the ran puddle, that is lined with electricity fro the giant Roxxon sign. Tyrone jumps in to save her, then they are transported in the forest. Tandy’s dad is in a glass box, in what appears to be a Roxxon board room. The members of the boardroom torture Mr. Bowen, and Tandy screams and runs away. The scene resets, and this time Tandy’s mom jumps in to save her husband, but the board members capture her too. Tandy runs way and the scene resets. The last time,  the young Tandy jumps in to save her father, while  Tandy (older version) is about to run away. Tyrone reaches out his had, and a dark cloud extends from his finger tips and grabs Tandy. He tells her that she can’t keep running away. “There’s nothing on the other side, you have to try something different!” A light dagger emerges from Tandy’s hand as she walk towards the glass box. She stabs the box, and the glass shatters.

He is then transported into a church. He sees a young Tandy feeding what appears to be the many rich kids she finessed a fruit of some sort. Immediately after consuming it, they die. Tyrone sees a light emerging from the stained glass. On the other side is Tandy’s conscious. They both meet and touch the glass, the they both wake up; Tandy on the bus, and Tyrone in the bath.

Just like Tandy’s experience with Tyrone’s head, Tyrone is now learning the inner battle that Tandy is fighting. As we learned in episodes 1, 2 and the beginning of this episode, when the situation gets tough and Tandy gets scared, she tends to just run away. Tyrone is the opposite of running away, he faces his problems head on, which is why he is perfect to suggest to Tandy that she needs to approach her problems differently This journey was definitely their powers, or the energy source that gave them their powers, doing a team-building workshop with them so they can be a kick-ass team. They both kind of balance each other out, with their different ways of thinking. Tandy isn’t as aggressive and she tends to run away, while Tyrone has revenge and fight flowing through his veins. It is also a wake up call to both of them, that they can’t be running away from each other and they are going to have to be a part of each other’s lives.

The episode ends with Tandy calling the detective to talk to her. After hearing her side of the story, she tells Tandy what they can do. Tandy says, “That’s it?” while the detective replies, “For all it’s worth, I’m sorry.” Tandy gets out of the car and slams the door. Th next day she walks into a church with the same stained glass from her spirit trip. She sees Tyrone, who then says, “We need to talk.” Lastly, we get a last glimpse of what was being manufactured throughout the episode. It is a small, voodoo figure of Cloak. Aunty looks upon it with suspicion.

Unlike the first two episodes, the last scene for this episode wasn’t a cliffhanger as it was a plot point, or a hook rather. The episode’s last moments can also be under appreciated when not looking at the bigger picture. What happened was Tandy was not satisfied with what the detective had to compensate for her almost being raped. We know Tandy feels strong about this, as the rich kid was also poisoned in the church scene. Tandy leaves and slams the door, but we know that she isn’t going to run away, but fight along Tyrone by her side, as Cloak and Dagger. This episode wasn’t as plot driven as the first two episodes, however it wasn’t just a ‘filler’ episode. It is a character development episode, that’s purpose was to bind our heroes together, so we can get Cloak and Dagger a team, and not Cloak and Dagger, two separate ives that cross each other once in a while.

Vishal Lilman

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