Last night’s episode of Cloak and Dagger was a long awaited one! (Watching TV in real-time really tests your patience) Picking off  at the heartbeat from where we left them last week Cloak and Dagger finally meet each other to sit down, have a talk, and figure things out! Don’t get me wrong, this episode seems corny when first hearing about it because there’s no team-up butt-kicking, and 8pm EST is a little too early for talk shows (too late if daytime tv is your thing). But think about it, two angsty teenagers who met as kids, separated for life and meet up again at a party after one tried to rob the other. And they have just been in each other’s mind/heart.

A basic rundown of the interaction between the two, because unfortunately, that’s all it was… basic and brief. Dagger asks Cloak what he’s doing here (at the church), and how he found her. We know that Cloak saw this in his voodoo journey, but it’s a little to early to bring in the heavy stuff and small talk is good, so he just says he went on a tour. Then things get a little more heavy and emotional for our heroes as the elephant in the room is addressed. They stop sitting, and start circling each other, asking about what they saw, which were the events that lead to their first meet up and powers being unlocked. Cloak asks Dagger about her father’s death and if Roxxon had anything to with it. He then tells her about his vision, and how her father was in a room being tortured and beaten by Roxxon execs. Dagger then claps back at Cloak with the emotional trauma of asking about his brother’s death and whether a cop did it.

At this point the two then decide to address the other elephant in the room: their powers. The both decide to see how close they can be together before things go ‘boom!’ This scene had to be the most fan service this show has given thus far, as they look like they are about to kiss, thus spark the romance that is destined between them. at first they both reach out. They could’ve just came close to holding hands, but no! Dagger’s hands start to light up, and Cloaks hand starts to gain a black shadow hovering it. When they are about to touch hands, Dagger’s hand swerves to Cloak’s face, and Cloak goes for Dagger’s hip. They come pretty close, but as soon as they touch each other, they blast into separate ends of the church.

The interaction between these two end in another soap drop. This in my opinion was the second most interesting scene in this entire hour (the first being when they decided to test how close they can get). Dagger talks about killing herself, and Cloak gets triggered because she’s “privileged” and is just going to throw her life away. Dagger takes offence and starts telling Cloak that he wouldn’t know what her life is like, and he is only this positive because he has a nice house, with nice neighbours , goes to a prep school and both of his parents are together and care about him. She also says, “I just came from talking to a cop who said I couldn’t press charges against someone who -” she stops herself as it gets to emotional. The realism of the show comes back as Cloak says he can’t afford to  think about suicide, since “everyone in this country wants to kill me.” He tells Dagger that she can steal stuff because she can get away with it, and a person of his colour gets looks as soon as he walks into a department store. He then tells Dagger to just kill herself and go to hell. Dagger then calls out Cloak by telling him she saw him kill himself multiple times in the vision, and he should go to hell. Cloak storms out, and Dagger is left popping pills in the church. The episode ends in a unique way, where the star of the show’s subplot starts off. Cloak is in his room doing pushups and burning off steam wearing his sliver headphones, and Dagger is at the dock ready to drown herself. Dagger jumps with heavy chains on and after about the longest 6 seconds ever, she swims back up with a light dagger in her hand.

As mentioned, this show ends where the subplot begins, the next day. Although it was ambitious to see that without giving too much away on whether the meeting between the two went good or bad, it was a lackluster of story, and felt just like a filler of what could’ve been a 30 min. show, with 23 min. of actual screen time. Cloak, with the same anger and aggression he left Dagger with, lashes out on his parents, goes to school, comes home and lashes out on his Dad, again. This time, Mr. Johnson’s aggression matches that of Cloak’s and he takes him to another part of New Orlean’s, a gang area. Cloak learns that his dad was part of the ‘Wild RedHawks of the Ninth Ward.’ He then learns about the origins of ‘the shadow night.’ A complete foreshadow of who Cloak will become, and member of the gang who “disappeared at night, and goes looking for trouble to warn the other members.” After interacting with the other members, and seeing his dad reconnect with old friends, Cloak gains a new appreciation for his dad, and even makes breakfast for the whole family the next day.

Dagger on the other hand spent the next day by going back to her mom’s house, this time with coffee and the intention to help her mom out with Roxxon case. Dagger then spends some quality time with Greg, her mom’s lawyer-boyfriend and finds out he actually cares about them and has good intentions. She finds out in a pretty cool scene where she’s making dinner with Greg and we see her use her powers on command for the first time in real life (chronologically the second time because she cut herself loose from the chains). She touches Greg and goes inside his mind, where she sees him cooking in the kitchen with her, like what they’re doing at the time, but her mom is also in the kitchen and they are all smiling and laughing. She also goes with Greg to his office, because he is an actual lawyer with an office and not a con like she thought, and they start digging into the Roxxon case.

In retrospective, this episode felt very long and dry, and doesn’t pick up until the last 10 minutes. It was like eating veggies before you get ice cream. The one thing that was going in my head when watching this was, “I hope this show isn’t losing stamina, and is going downhill from here.” I also hope that we don’t have to wait until the final episode to see these two in action. I am a firm believer in great things take time, however, and I really feel like the dynamic between these two will be the greatest team up since, Bucky and Rocket on the big screen (or something close).

Vishal Lilman

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