So last night was the midpoint of season one for Cloak and Dagger. Episode 5 out of 9, unless there will be more episodes announced at a later date. At this point we know the direction the rest of the season is heading into (or do we?) unless there is an epic plot twist, the rest of the season will be about the take down of Roxxon Corp. by Cloak and Dagger and Dagger getting revenge/closure on the company that took everything away from her and her mother.

Although very brief, this episode was the kicking off point for an epic season finale (the commercials were frequent with this one). It starts off with Dagger meeting Cloak at his high school, and then both apologising to each other. They then take a moment to sit aside and discuss there powers (FINALLY!) Dagger says she can see the hopes and dreams of people she touches. Cloak can see the darkest fears of people he touches. Dagger suggests that they use their powers to take down Roxxon. Cloak on the other hand, wants to stretch the season and make more money, I mean episodes, so he shuts Dagger down and says, “Isn’t that stealing?” Dagger, who must be aware that this is a Marvel show and the audience wants super powers says in return, “Life has been stealing from me. I’m just taking it back.” And we have our main plot/subplot divide!

Dagger finesses her way into the Roxxon dinner party. She eyes all of the company “big wigs” and executives (that she found out from the files she stole from the last episode), and goes on a vision splurge! She shakes hands and gives a pat on the back to every executive she sees, and gets a look inside some of their ambitions. She realised they also hate the Roxxon CEO. Some have aspirations of being CEO themselves, one person wanted to be CEO while having the current CEO mounted on a wall like a fly stick in a spider web. And one guy had a fantasy of the current CEO crawling under the desk, and um, the camera went to the guy’s head and he seemed…. relaxed. Hooray for diversity in the MCU!

Meanwhile, Cloak is just focusing on his state finals basketball game and just being a normal, non powered kid. We get to see his relationship with Evita advance (and fully advance at the end of the episode *wink*). You know the usual high school, cheerleader-athlete relationship dynamic, Cloak gets his locker decorated, and gives his varsity jacket to Evita, young high school sweethearts. The game starts and Cloak is in his zone! His teammates love him, his parents are proud, he is calm and not getting into fights, life is good! All of a sudden, it’s half time and he is getting a panic attack in the locker room. It doesn’t last that long because all of a sudden he is transported to middle of the Roxxon company dinner, while in his basketball uniform. Dagger takes notice and pulls him aside to discuss what’s happening and how to get him back to his game. Dagger comes to the realization that Cloak and teleport during times of fear, and distress, so she rests this theory by pushing Cloak off of a balcony into a fountain. We then see Cloak drenched, but back in the locker room.

The game continues and it’s pretty close in the final minute, 65-66. Xlpak just needs to score a 3 (or a two at least) to win the championship. In what had to be the most intense, slow motion, final play scene in television history, Cloak sees the deepest and darkest fears of all of the players who try the block him and come in contact with him. All of the players on the other team are black, and he saw that their darkest fear has to do with racism. White men chasing them with whips, police shooting at them, and being bullied at school. As Cloak goes for the shot in the final seconds of the game, you see the change in his face, and he shoots, but misses… intentionally. It’s all good in the end for him because he gets some post-game cooldown cardio with Evita… in his room *wink*.

This is a very powerful scene because it really shows the hero in Cloak. He doesn’t just want revenge for his brother’s death, but he feels for other people going through the pain of being black in America and facing racism head on.

The episode ends in Dagger finally getting to touch the CEO of Roxxon. She sees his deepest desire and hope, which is a disturbing one. He is in the middle of a pond. There are many deadly bodies around him, floating like dead fish. He reaches in their pockets and takes fat stacks of money from all of them, and just pushes the dead bodies aside. Dagger is left crying and horrified, as she reminisces on the death of her father.

This episode, although short and not very plot driven, had a very emotional and angsty end. This proves that the show still has the stamina to be the ‘Show of the Summer’. Cloak and Dagger are also on pretty good terms, which is great because we are so close to seeing them team up! Which should be soon because there are only 4 episodes left for the season, or mid-season break.

Vishal Lilman

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