2018 brought an abundance of good music, bad music, new albums and breakout artists. Artists such as Cardi B, who released her debut studio album “Invasion of Privacy”, topping charts worldwide and coming in at number 6 on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums of 2018. Bazzi also had a very good 2018 with his hit song “Mine” becoming a viral sensation, also releasing his debut album “COSMIC” and opening for Camila Cabello on her Never Be The Same Tour. Countless other artists brought their name into the spotlight in 2018, including King Princess, Lauv and Joji but the question is who are the artists that will make 2019 their year. Here are my predictions.

Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith is an English R&B singer-songwriter set to top charts in the near future. Jorja released her debut studio album “Lost & Found” in June of 2018 and is a nominee for the 61st Annual Grammy Awards for New Artist. Jorja has been releasing music since 2016 and was first known mostly as a feature artist, featuring on many big name albums, including Drake’s 2017 album “More Life” in which she featured twice and the “Black Panther Soundtrack” curated by Kendrick Lamar. These features expanded her international profile leading to her album’s release.

“Lost & Found” is about exactly what it says, about finding yourself after being lost. The album is filled with so many amazing songs, addressing a wide range of issues all in an effort to find and become the best version of ourselves. I think that Jorja is such a talented song-writer and this album is just waiting to top the charts.

Songs such as “Teenage Fantasy” and “The One” talk about not needing another person to make you happy and being able to enjoy life as a single woman without feeling any outside pressure saying otherwise. Other songs are more focused on how today’s society can do better, these include “Blue Lights” and “Lifeboats (Freestyle)”. “Blue Lights” addresses the violence and detrimental behaviour that is being showcased and fed to our youth. She talks about how adolesces are losing their innocence and childhood due to the pressure society puts on them to grow up and act in a more adult manner at a much younger age. “Lifeboats (Freestyle)” directly addresses the social inequality and how we have the ability to help others but we let them suffer for money and our own selfish wants. Jorja really hits a sore spot in this song because I think that everybody can do better and be more giving and kinder to each other and that the world would become a much better place.

Jorja’s vocals and song-writing is absolutely impeccable and definitely is someone to look out for in 2019, hopefully a big year for her.


If you haven’t heard of PRETTYMUCH yet you will soon, the boy band are the next big thing and I have a feeling that 2019 will be their year. The band is made up of members Brandon, Edwin, Nick, Zion and Austin and they are set to take the pop world by storm. You may know them from their songs “Would You Mind” and “Summer on You” and if you haven’t you’ll know soon enough.

PRETTYMUCH was formed by Simon Cowell in 2016 and they all soon moved in together, combining their musical talents to create upbeat, fun and catchy tunes. Their biggest single to date  is “Would You Mind” with just under 46 million streams on Spotify and 4.9 million views on YouTube. The song showcases old school acapella mixed with modern pop to create the perfect dance track. Apart from their music the boys are also known for their brilliantly choreographed dances which feature in many of their music videos as well as their live shows.

The boys are yet to release a full album but released their EP “PRETTYMUCH an EP” in April of 2018. The EP features only a mere four songs with “10,000 Hours” being the most popular. Their songs mainly circulate around relationships, putting in the time to treat that special someone right and being there for them in the end through the hardships.

PRETTYMUCH recently wrapped up their North American FUNKTION tour where they travelled all over the US for a total of 22 shows. The boys strayed away from calling it a tour and instead referred to it as a party. I like this change because it makes the show seem that much more personal and removes that separation from artists and fans. I hope to see them releasing more music and hopefully more tours. So if you’re looking for new, fresh and upbeat music, PRETTYMUCH have you covered.


Ruel is a 16 year old Aussie making his way in the music world. He describes his music as alternative, soul, pop and in June of last year released his debut EP. Ruel has already performed at numerous music festivals around the world and he’s just getting started.

 Ruel, only 16, has accomplished an astonishing amount so early in his career. After receiving recognition and praise from Sir Elton John himself, Ruel was launched headfirst into the music industry. Ruel has toured with the likes of Angus & Julia Stone and Khalid and performed at Tyler, The Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival. He recently went on his own headline tour for his EP “Ready”. He took the tour internationally performing in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and is bringing the tour to Asia later this year.

Ruel’s EP “Ready” was released on June 15th last year and is his biggest body of work to date. The EP consists of five songs, three of which are certified gold, and an intro track. The most popular songs featured on the album are “Dazed and Confused” and “Younger” both of which have been steadily climbing Australian charts. Ruel’s songs are catchy, upbeat and talk about universal feelings that most people could relate, such as the drifting apart of friendships and your first relationships.

Ruel is someone I definitely see going far in the future and with the promise of new music this year I’m excited to see him grow.

So there were some predictions for breakout artists this year. They all are very talented and definitely have the ability to make it big in the music industry. So if you’re looking for some new music, give them a listen.

Jacinta Blue

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