I love travelling as much as the next person, road trips, flights even boats. But you know what really makes a good trip, a good playlist. I decided to share some of my favourite songs to listen to when I’m travelling. To me what constitutes a good song to travel to is that it has to be either relaxing and something you could fall asleep to on a long flight, or it’s something really upbeat that you can get hyped to on a nice road trip. So here they are; my 7 favourite songs to travel to.

Isombard — Declan McKenna

This is one of my favourite songs to drive to. It’s so upbeat with a fast tempo which makes it great to listen to on a long drive down the coast. What I love about it is the fusion of retro style production with more modern pop influences because it just shows immense originality and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard. There is a little keyboard riff that is introduced right from the start of the song and is carried throughout. This little tune is so memorable and makes the song so catchy. I also love the addition of the electric guitar riffs that become more prominent in the choruses because it adds to the chaotic production and makes the song so much more interesting.

I also love how powerful the vocals are, but they are powerful in an understated way. The verses are a bit more vocally toned down but then it really hits you in the chorus and I think this technique is used quite well and creates more of a contrast between the verses and chorus. I also like how the words are repetitive and not that hard to remember because it means it’s a really easy song to pick up and be able to sing along to, which I think in a road trip situation is key. 

Driving to Hawaii — Summer Salt

Okay now this is a song to fly to. As you can tell by the title it ties in perfectly with the travelling theme and I love listening to it on a long flight to unwind, relax and relieve the tension from flying. “Driving to Hawaii” is a very calming indie/alternative song that I think is able to showcase the full capacity if Summer Salt’s talent. The guitar used in this song includes both electric and acoustic and they complement each other in ways that are able to create a very easygoing sound. The vocals are a bit rougher but work well with the song and the vocals from the verse to the chorus shows the seamless transition from head voice into falsetto. The vocals are also very distinctive and individualistic to Summer Salt. 

I love the song lyrically because it enforces the idea that it’s not the destination that matters, it’s the company and this is an idea that I like to live by. I like how it shows that when you’re with the right people all the stress and tension of life is relieved and you can just enjoy the present. So when travelling it is very important to be present and appreciate where you are and who you’re with because these moments are precious.

Beach Daze — The Palms

“Beach Daze” is my favourite summer sound and is a definite must for any road trip playlist. The Palms are able to bring a retro/vintage sound with a booming bass that automatically puts you into a good mood. I think the production in this song is very atmospheric and evokes feeling of warmth and happiness. There are little things here and there throughout the song that add up to produce a more complex and interesting production. The use of distortion in some areas and vocal harmonies work well together to produce different moods in the verses and chorus without making the song seem choppy. 

The lyrics are all about attracting positivity and making every day count. I also love the rougher vocals in this song too because it helps create such an individual sound. I love indie/alternative music for road trips, it gives me feelings of comfort and makes it impossible to be anything but happy while listening.

Never Wanna Leave — Glenn Travis

This song is my one listen wonder of the year. It was the song of the year I only had to listen to the first 30 seconds and I knew I lovedvit. The bass riff in this song hits something in your soul and it is physically impossible not to feel happy while it’s playing. The melody gives very vacation-y feels and I always think of being on a tropical island on a beach somewhere with this song playing. I would have to say that this is my favourite travelling song because it just works in any situation. Glenn Travis’ vocals in this song is like honey for your soul and is a match made in heaven with the instrumentation. I also think the song would be amazing for a video montage of a holiday so if anyone is crafty with videos, this is the song for you.

Chinese New Year – SALES

“Chinese New Year” is one of those songs that you may have heard but never really gave it the time of day. That there, was your first mistake. This fusion of Indie and Alternative Pop is just the thing you need for your next road trip. It’s upbeat rhythm and original melody gives it a vintage vibe and I find the instrumentation really quite interesting. The guitar runs are very memorable and shapely and SALES just has such a distinct and unique voice which really sets them apart in the alternative genre.

Again, the lyrics are fairly simple means people who haven’t heard it before will be able to pick it up easily and sing along, because what is a road trip without a little bit of carpool karaoke.

Night Catcher – Taj Ralph

This song isn’t just great for travelling but it’s also one of my favourite songs of all time. It is very indie sounding (are you sensing a theme) and has a very solid use of percussion throughout the song, from the drum rhythms to bells and maybe even a xylophone which all complement each other to create a descriptive yet ambiguous scene. It’s like the song is the canvas for your imagination and can provide a place for your thoughts to wonder comfortably. I think is a song can do this it is very powerful and can be good on a long flight when you just want to be lost in thought.

I love Taj Ralph’s vocals, truly it’s like honey for your soul, so smooth and sweet. The variation between his head voice and falsetto is really interesting in this song and his transitions are so effortless and smooth.

Weekend Friend – ASTN

“Weekend Friend” is exactly what it sounds like, a weekend song. It’s vibe-y, relaxing and perfect for a chilled Sunday. These characteristics are essential for travelling because it just melts away your stress. I quite like the production on this one and it finds that balance between more natural sounds and produced electronics. The first verse shows your typical guitar rhythms but the chorus brings a more produced version of the stripped back verse. This switch gives the song more depth and complexity and by ASTN taking this extra effort, it really boosted the song as a whole.

So there were just a couple of my favourite songs to travel to, so next time you’re going on a trip, chuck these on your playlist and give them a go. .

Jacinta Blue

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