It’s here and here to stay! Last week Disney and Marvel execs delivered an early Christmas gift to the world by dropping a trailer to the biggest film of 2019 aka Avengers: Endgame! What made this trailer release so auspicious is that we FINALLY got an official title for the movie, as opposed to ‘Avengers 4’. ICYM, or if you just want to watch it for another 14,000,605 times:

Fun fact: This is the most viewed trailer in history to reach 289 million views in 24 hours! That speaks volumes of the level of hype this movie is!

We here at Nerdy Scoop are all for that hype and have broken down the trailer (like Iron Man’s helmet) for you because these things are laced with easter eggs, and potential hidden messages for the story! Let’s get started!

In what has to be the most heart-heavy, saddest scene in the trailer, we see Tony Stark recording a message to his wife and possible baby mama, Pepper Potts. His message was emotional and even has some of that Stark wittiness underlined when he says, “Being adrift in space with no promise of rescue is more fun than it sounds.” It really makes you think that Tony is on his last breath, and is really about to die…. until you remember it’s Marvel and they are the king of misdirection! Have you seen Tony’s outfit before?

We have seen this black tank top at least twice before! The first time was in Iron Man when Tony was trapped in the cave and building the Mark I suit. Another time in Iron Man 2 when Tony creates an element for his arc reactor so he doesn’t die of palladium poisoning. That black tank top rescued him from being stranded where no on can find him, and from dying. I am sure this is a nod that Mr. Stark will solve his way out of his current dilemma, and will not die… at least in this scene.


Fans of the comics will have definitely enjoyed this shot in Titan II where we see Thanos walking through a field wearing is damaged Infinity Gauntlet (perhaps is is melted on his arm and can’t get it off) and his armour hung up in a scarecrow like fashion!

Just like in the panel in the bottom right corner, it appears that Thanos is humbled and enjoying the rest of his life as a peaceful farmer, as he has achieved his destiny. So who is going to stop the Avengers from undoing the snap?


In this shot we see Bruce Banner looking at ‘victims’ of the snappening, which has its official name now: The Decimation. Although we know Scott Lang is trapped in the Quantum Realm, which explains him being missing, we still can’t process that Shuri is a victim of the snap. Maybe this is actually  a list of heroes of heroes that survived? But seconds later we see the Shuri image transform into Peter Parker’s image (I still don’t feel so good thinking about it). What makes this unbelievable is that we haven’t seen Shuri’s death on screen, as opposed to the other characters. Perhaps this is some CGI magic that Marvel just spent money on for trailer, and will eventually be changed in the final cut?


We still can’t find Hawkeye! Oh him?  That’s Ronin. No, not the main bad from Guardians of the Galaxy. Ronin is the mantle taken up by heroes in the comics who truly want to be low-key and hidden. 

Ronin is a Japanese term that refers to “masterless samurai, a lone warrior.”   The event on everyone’s mind is Barton’s wife and kids got decimated and vanished because of the snap, which is why he steps out of retirement/house arrest. The reason for the mask? Well in the comics, he becomes Ronin after the events of Civil War to stay hidden from the government. The same could go for the MCU Ronin.


It’s back! Arguably the best suit that Captain America has dawned, the stealth suit made its debut in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and is making a return for Avengers: Endgame! The reason behind why Captain America would wear this suit makes too much sense. First and most obvious, this might potentially be the last time the Russos work on an MCU flick, and the last time Chris Evans will be Captain America. Of course the Russos would want to pay homage to the first time they worked with Evans and Captain America by having him wear the suit from the first MCU movie the made, CATWS. Also, the suit Cap has been wearing since Avengers: Age of Ultron is destroyed, as we saw in Infinity War. This must be the next suit in line Cap has in his closet.


This isn’t going to work Steve”  “I know it is.. because I don’t know what I’m going to do if it doesn’t.” WHAT IS THE PLAN!!?? Although we’re not 100% sure, but it may involve time travel of some sort (perhaps this scene takes place after they let Scott in). The evidence? The last time we saw Steve look at his Peggy Carter locket before doing something crazy was in Captain America: The First Avenger. He piloted his ship into an iceberg and froze… and time travelled in a way. He passed out in 1943, and woke up in 2012. He basically time travelled by freezing himself. Maybe this time, he is going to time travel by flying into a time vortex, as him and the entire ship are possibly in the Quantum Realm, via Scott Lang!


Before the title reveal, we see the Avengers logo reform from ashes. If this isn’t foreshadowing (because we already know that the heroes who got wiped are going to return) I don’t know what is these days!


Although Marvel did a GREAT job at keeping the title under wraps and confidential, going as far to not even name it in the trailer’s YouTube title, fans saw this coming MONTHS in advanced. But the Russos were pretty clever to debunk this by saying “no one has guessed the title yet” and “the title hasn’t been said in Infinity War” , even though both statements were false.

The root of this theory was the repetition of the word endgame as it is a unique word, that has only been said twice in the MCU, both with caution and correlating to Thanos and his attack. 


The last time we saw Ant-Man he was trapped in the Quantum Realm. How did he get out? Could it possibly be… TIME TRAVEL!? This theory stems from something Rogers says, “Is this an old message?” to which Black Widow replies, “That’s the front door.” Why would Steve think that’s an old message? Maybe because Scott Lang as they know him is dead? Or maybe the heading on the top left corner that lists this message as ‘ARCHIVE’?

Or maybe the Russos know that we fans are all eagle-eyes and will notice every little detail put in the trailer, so they are throwing us off with some more CGI. Whatever the story is, it will be mind-blowing!


Is the entire trailer even real, or is is just stock footage? We’l just have to wait until Avengers: Endgame hits theatres on April 26th, 2018!

Vishal Lilman

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