After nearly 7 months after Avengers: Infinity War was releases, and with just 167 days until the STILL untitled Avengers 4 movie,  we have nothing but speculation. Directors of the upcoming mega blockbuster, Joe and Anthony Russo, have gone out on their social media pages to post 2 cryptic photos with the captions, “Look Hard…”  and “#Wrapped”, respectively:

What we have ‘gotten’ i.e. ‘leaked’ are some promo art, a Rocket Racoon and Thor toy packaging by Hasbro that teases a “bigger threat”, and some trailer descriptions. I think It is safe to DEBUNK all of them, as Marvel Studios wouldn’t still be playing cards close and cryptic if that was the case, ESPECIALLY something like a trailer. The last time a Marvel Studios trailer got leaked was for Avengers: Age of Ultron, and we all know how that played out:

We have gotten OFFICIAL statements nonetheless! And we here at Nerdy Scoop will be using those statements to speculate and from our own theories about the highly anticipated Avengers 4. This includes, what I believe, is a trailer release date, some potential titles, and even how it all ends! Strap in, get your tin foil hats on and get ready for a wild ride throughout the realms! **SPOILERS FOR AVENGERS INFINITY WAR**


What is pictured above is an official countdown clock to the release of Avengers 4 which can be viewed on their website here! If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, you’ll recall the infamous line in Avengers: Infinity War when Dr. Strange is on Titan an exclaims all of the possibilities he has seen for the FINAL outcome: 14 000 605. I believe that number is significant, since it’s oddly specific! If we plug that into the countdown clock, we will get 140 days, 0 hours, 06 minutes and 05 seconds. Looking at a calendar and clock, that is about December 13 at 11:54 pm EST. Looking back at previous trailer releases by Disney (*cough* Spider-Man: Homecoming *cough*), and the given time and day, we can expect it aired during an episode of Jimmy Kimmel LIVE! Perhaps, with some big names behind Avengers 4, possibly the stars, or directors, or Kevin Feige himself! And it ties in with Feige’s initial statement, “Well’ see the trailer before the end of the year,” ad Joe Russo’s recent statement, “The trailer may or may not be released this calendar year.” That is also the weekend Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse releases, so a great place to store the trailer is in front of that movie aka the last Marvel associated film of 2018.


Ok, this is a little heavy. In order to begin let’s breakdown what we know, or have been told in some sort:

  • The fact that it spoils Infinity War should scare us (est. Russo Brothers’ twitter response to a fan)
  • The Quantum Realm will be CRUCIAL to the plot (est. Michael Douglas in a radio interview)
  • Quantum tech on Earth is equivalent to Soul magic on Asgard/Space (est. Thor: The Dark World)
  • Avengers may face a ‘bigger threat’ (est. the Thor and Rocket toy leak, that is could possibly be fake)
  • Avengers Forever is close (est. Russo Brothers in an interview)
  • The title (or some aspect of it) has been said in a previous MCU film, that is not Infinity War
  • Phase 4 is going to be more cosmic (est. Kevin Feige in a 2017 interview)
  • Culmination of EVERYTHING before it, like the end of a book (est. Kevin Feige)
  • Related to Infinity War the same way Civil War is related to The Winter Soldier (est. Russo Brothers)
  • The title “speaks to the heart” (est. Russo Brothers)
  • The script title was “Infinity Gauntlet” (est. Zoe Saldana accidentally speaking of filming too much during an interview)
  • It may not live up to expectations (est. Kevin Feige in an interview)

5. Avengers: Eternity

Reason: Eternity has been mentioned in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. For those of you in the comics loop, you would know that Eternity is one of the cosmic entities of the universe. This makes it a bigger threat than Thanos, if the Avengers have to go head to head with Eternity. Why? Eternity is mad at Thanos, and Thanos blames the Avengers because “they were a great threat needed to be exterminated by using the stones (since they are so powerful), but he was unsuccessful and ‘accidentally’ wiped half of the universe”, or something along those lines. It is also plausible  because ‘eternity’ is a synonym for ‘forever’.

4. Avengers: Quantum Storm

Reason: Yep, we’re doing this ‘put the word quantum in front of everything’  thing again! We coined this title together based on a 19 part comic line by Marvel in 1992 called Operation: Galactic Storm. What the Russo Brothers could mean by, “Forever is pretty close,” is that the title is based on a  crossover comic series from the 90s. What Operation: Galactic Storm was is an intergalactic war that split the Avengers into 3 teams: Earth, Kree and Shi’ar. It also started a rivalry between Captain America and Iron Man as the 2 had different views on almost everything. Switch out Shi’ar for Skrull (as Captain Marvel explores the Kree-Skrull war), turn ‘Galactic’ into ‘Quantum’ since the movie will have a place in the Quantum Realm, and play into the Iron Man-Captain America feud because of the resignation tension from Civil War, and we have a film!

3. Avengers United

Reason: Based off a comic series, a title doesn’t get anymore ‘heartier’ than this. Avengers: Infinity War ends with the Avengers more broken up than ever! Some heroes are dust/trapped in the Soul Stone, some are left on Wakanda, and Tony and Nebula are stranded on Titan. For this final act of Phase 3 of the MCU, and to end a “book,” the Avengers need to somehow reverse the snap so the veteran actors can retire, and the younger actors can make their cheques. How? By UNITING! It is spoiler for Infinity War as the heroes didn’t get to fight Thanos as a united ‘whole’, to have every Avenger uniting and fighting is a great way to culminate and bring 22 movies together, and the word ‘united’ does speak  to the heart. If you remember the marketing for Captain America: Civil War (the first movie in Phase 3 btw), a big statement was “United we stand; Divided we fall.” When divided, the Avengers fell to Thanos. But when united… they stand! This theory also reminisces Fury’s speech: “There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people to fight the battles that we never could.” United can also be derived from ‘untitled’ which could be the Russos and Feige playing the biggest troll of all.

2. Avengers: Court of Souls

Reason: Once upon a time, before we knew anything of Infinity War, the infinity stones, and Tom Holland’s Spider Man, all we knew was a purple guy with a menacing smile that we had to Google when we got home, and shawarma. If you recall that game changing mid-credits scene from The Avengers back in 2012, what made Thanos make the creepy, definitive smile is the statement, “To challenge them [humans] is to court death.” After the events of Infinity War, I think we can consider humans challenged. Instead of death and killing the snap victims, he just trapped their souls in the soul stone. If this movie takes place in the Quantum Realm, which could also be the Soul Stone according to some floating theories online thanks to Thor: The Dark World, he could be in a situation where the souls he took will come back to haunt him. This title is plausible because it is a great way to culminate Thanos; this is the line that introduced him, this is how he will go. It also spoils Infinity War a little bit because the title implies that death is involved, in which even the novice of theorists can crack down the ending of Infinity War if this title was released.

1. Avengers: Final Host

Reason: By far my favourite! Based on a 6-issue comic recently released about the Avengers having to fight Celestials, Final Host is a great title to culminate 22 films and send off the O.G. Avengers as whoever the threat may be is the ‘final host’ to the Avengers, before the new heroes step in for good. It also feeds into the leak earlier this year of the acclaimed initials for A4 being ‘F H’, in which Marvel reacted by dropping the title for Spider Man: Far From Home. Was that their reaction for their Spider-Man title being leaked? Or was it to stir away any attention? This title could also be a nod to the Infinity Gauntlet title and it having a final host, implying that someone other than Thanos will wear it.

The Final Showdown

Regardless of what the title is for Avengers 4, we know one thing: it is the culmination of 22 films, the end of a book. And out of 14, 000, 605 possibilities, it can only end one way. Recently, we got a vague but official synopsis for the film (finally) that is pretty scary.

“A culmination of 22 interconnected films, the fourth instalment of the Avengers saga will draw audiences to witness the turning point of this epic journey. Our beloved heroes will truly understand how fragile this reality is and the sacrifices that must be made to uphold it.” 

For our theory, let’s revisit the scene that drives Tony crazy and defines him and his choices made in the entire Phase 3.  When Scarlet Witch plays a mind trick on him in Avengers: Age of Ultron, he sees his greatest fear. Him, and the O.G. Avengers are on what now appears to be a darker Titan, with Chitauri ships circulating them and travelling to and from a wormhole towards Earth. This scene could very well be how Avengers 4 ends. In order for Earth to keep its peace from Thanos, which Phases 1-3 were about, the Avengers who survived Infinity War will have to sacrifice themselves and fight an eternal battle that will never end. This pain and burden may very well be what Dr. Strange saw, and why he tells Tony, “I’m sorry,” before he fades into dust.

It could also tie into the explanation of Captain Marvel’s absence, she was balancing the Kree-Skrull fight far away from Earth. It would make sense for the Avengers to have to carry this burden, since Thanos and the Chitauri is their fight. Also, now that Captain Marvel is back on Earth, that probably means she could/would have brought the Kree-Skrull war with her, as the Russos did say in an interview they would be more than interested to do Secret Wars. Avengers 4 is a great platform for them to set up a future job opening.

Finally it would be a great way to end Tony Stark’s story. The MCU started with Tony Stark being arrogant and not playing well with others. In the vision, Captain America says, “You could have saved us.” In order for this ending to play out, Tony will have know what he has to do, and not tell any of the Avengers or else they might go rogue and do something else. In what has to be a move that is both arrogant and selfless, he sacrifices the entire O.G. Avengers team to save the new heroes (who still have contracts) and burdens them to fend off the Chitauri for eternity. A noble last line in response to Cap’s claim would be, “I know.” It also ties into the character point that Tony is “cursed with knowledge.”

If we have learned anything from Avengers: Infinity War, it’s that theories are theories and nothing is confirmed until the film releases and does something TOTALLY unexpected (*cough* Soul Stone *cough*). Those are our theories to kill the time, but what do you think? Sound off in the comments below or on our Instagram page @NerdyScoop (be sure to click the ‘Follow’ button as well)

Vishal Lilman

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