Cuffing season is in full effect and here are some of my favourite albums and mixtapes to get you through these up and coming (lonely or not so lonely) cold nights. 

The Colour of You

Alina Baraz captures heartbreak and the grieving process after a break up so beautifully throughout this album. The reason many have fallen in love with her is due to her openness about heartbreak and the way she paints a vivid picture of her lessons in love. Although this album may not be exactly all for lovers, it’s most definitely an album for those out there on their search for love or just plain navigating their way  through heartbreak.

Kaleidoscope Dream

An oldie, but are you really going to argue that this may not be one of the most sexy albums of our time? Aside from Miguel’s phenomenal voice, these songs set a different tone any time they are played.  “Adorn”, “Arch and Point” and of course the date night song that always gets you in your feels “How Many Drinks?”  are just a few of the songs that make this album flawless. Kaleidoscope Dream is a true dream, from start to finish it captures the sexiness of missing someone and then finally getting home to them. If this album isn’t already on your date night playlist, do yourself a favour and get it on there.

Sept. 5th

Another little throwback album to OVO’s sultry late night duo DVSN. Truth be told  this album has some of my favourite slow jams. “With Me,” “Too Deep” and “Do It Well” send chills through me whenever they come on my shuffle. The subtlety in their voices and the subject matter combined creates some of the best late night r&b music I have heard. While these two have been featured on a few of Drake’s projects before they shine through this album.


Not a lovers album, but here’s one for the independent women. This album is so underappreciated but Syd shows out on this one. Setting herself apart from her tomboy persona in The Internet group, Syd lets her feminine side shine while giving herself pep talks throughout the album. Fin is an album that definitely puts me in my independent bad bitch mode which is never a negative thing in an r&b album.

Chixtape 3

Here’s a sexy one. Tory Lanez may not be the best at full length albums but he does no wrong with a mixtape, especially this one.  Filled with all the remixes of old school r&b songs Chixtape 3 takes us on a ride through all our emotions.  This album is the epitome of cuffing season and the fun, sexiness that comes with it. Sampling Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name” is only one small piece of the greatness this body of work entails, a definite must have on your cuffing season playlist.


Ah, the self proclaimed “King of the Fall”.  The Weeknd put together his three debut mixtapes House of Balloons,  Thursday and Echoes of Silence together to create an r&b classic. Trilogy holds some of the best songs Abel has ever created although the subject matter is NSFW. While professing his love for drugs, women and his tough upbringing, The Weeknd manages to create a beautiful story line for us, we follow him through his self discovery and it gets incredibly sexy, raunchy and messy.

 Channel ORANGE

I don’t really have to go into much detail for this one.  Channel Orange  is and always will be one the best r&b albums of this generation.  This album isn’t a sugar coated love story or a collection of sexy bedroom songs but it is a beautiful blend of everything r&b entails. From Frank’s voice to the sexy underlying tones through the album Channel Orange opened the door for alternative artists to explore a different sound in r&b. Artists no longer have to only sing about sex they can sing about the gritty, dirty parts of their life and make it sound sexy – that was the birth of alternative r&b.


This album is too angelic for me to even call it sexy, it’s  beautiful. Majority of this list is made up by artists that exude sex appeal and make bedroom music but Daniel Caesar carries a level of romance in his music that is unmatched. While cuffing season is for new relationships, this album evokes all the feelings of a good, strong relationship, not only with between lovers but with a much higher power. Many wouldn’t catch it but this album samples two very well known Gospel songs that have the common theme of romantic loyalty. The emotional vulnerability and depth this album carries is what makes it an incredible listen.

East Atlanta Love Letter

This album might be my top pick for r&b album of the year. Following his hit debut album FREE 6LACK, 6lack gives us a love letter to his home town.  This album is perfection in every sense of the word, it gave me exactly what I needed start to finish. 6lack managed to bring some of today’s biggest rappers into his own zone and have them perform at his level and if that isn’t a win I couldn’t tell you what is. Filled with songs about his personal life and relationships, this album sets you up for those cold nights you spend reflecting on past and future loves.

Ariana Ramanand

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