Superheroes have always been popular ever since their creation. However, they used to be seen mainly for kids though, which spawned a slew of cartoons based on different heroes. These cartoons ranged in quality from terrible to actually amazing, but the most memorable parts of any of these shows was always the theme song. So, what are the top ten best superhero cartoon theme songs?

10. Batman (1966)

This may be cheating somewhat, as the 1966 Batman show was live action. However, the theme song for the show used animation, and it’s definitely the most well known superhero theme. So, even though it’s cheating, I’ve already made my decision.

9. Captain America

This theme is great for two reasons. The first is just how cheesy it is, especially with the terrible animation. The second is how the lyrics seem more tailored to America fighting in wars, rather than Captain America himself.

8.Batman Beyond

This theme song focuses mainly on electric guitar riffs, which are used to help show of the futuristic feel of the series. While I don’t have a problem with this, I do have a problem with the intro itself, as it makes the show seem like it’s going to be a lot darker than it actually is. The intro flashes up things related to greed and corruption, but the show is mostly a villain of the week affair.

7.Spider-Man Unlimited

This theme song starts out pretty good, with a comic style recount of Spider-Man’s origin, all set to some electric guitars and synth beats. However, it then adds some weird singing, which just kind of ruins the techno beat it was showing off.

6.X-Men Evolution

This one of the most recent animated takes on the X-Men, and it did that by changing up the ages of the X-Men. The majority of the team is in high school, while some characters like Wolverine and Storm kept their regular age. This new intro shows off the main cast of characters, all set to some pretty good rock and roll music.

5.Justice League Unlimited

The sequel to the Justice League cartoon was much larger, so the theme song needed to feel that way too. This was definitely accomplished, and it show by having the somewhat orchestral theme build into electric guitars, all while dozens of heroes are showed off. It helped build a sense of the League’s scale, all before the episode even started.

4.Spider-Man (1994)

Spider-Man has had tons of cartoons, but this one is considered to be the best, and rightfully so. While the show is great, it also helps that the theme song is great. It has multiple electric guitars going slow and fast, as well as an electronic voice in the background talking about Spider-Man and his “radioactive spider-blood.” It’s a great theme for a great show, even with the aforementioned spider-blood.

3. Spider-Man (1967)

This is undoubtedly the most popular superhero theme song, and you would be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t know this theme. It’s a simple theme, but it’s just so upbeat and catchy. It’s also been reworked in so many forms, and a version of it was adapted for the opening credits of Spider-Man: Homecoming. So while it is an insanely popular song, it deserves every bit of its fame.

2. Batman: The Animated Series

This is a classic theme song, and perfectly embodies this iteration of Batman. It’s scored to the iconic Batman score, favoring a darker and more orchestral theme over a loud and flashy song. The theme then shows Batman taking out two thugs, while staying in the shadows the entire time, which shows off just how sneaky and skilled Batman is. However, for as great as this theme is, there’s one that I find better.


While this may be a controversial decision, as most people treat the Batman cartoon like scripture, I’m ranking these purely on the theme songs. While Batman has a great score and clever silhouette animation showing off Batman’s dark aesthetic, X-Men manages to include both bright and colorful images with some dark scenes, all of which play behind one of the best theme songs of all time. While the orchestral score may fit Batman well, the rockin’ beats are an embodiment of both the X-Men and the 90’s. Trust me, this is a classic theme song that won’t get out of your head in the best way possible.

Logan Busbee

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