Oh Deadpool, the road for this movie to be made is one for the ages.Starring God’s perfect asshole, Ryan Reynolds and directed by Tim Miller( a self proclaimed super-nerd),the production and creation of Deadpool was a perfect storm that culminated into something truly special and unique. But before seeing any of the marketing or the film itself, there was a large amount of skepticism from the film community surrounding this movie due to the debacle of X-Men Origins:Wolverine and the portrayal of Deadpool which gave the character a radically different and absurd origin story,skills and physical appearance.But the most egregious act that X-Men Origins:Wolverine committed besides having the world’s worst movie title is sewing Deadpool’s mouth shut and by doing so completely removing the vibrant, raunchy, larger than life personality that made millions of comic book lovers across the world fall in love with the character.PSA for all major Hollywood studios:for the love of all that is good with the world, when your superhero’s nickname is “the merc with the mouth” do not , under any circumstance, sew his mouth shut.Deadpool was created in a time in which R-Rated,big budget films were unheard of and was released in a time where Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, Warner Brother’s DCEU films led by Zack Snyder, and Sony’s extremely medicare rendition at a “Spider-Man” franchise were the forefronts of the comic book movie world. Inserting an R-rated rendition of Deadpool into the picture gave the comic book movie world the R-Rated, curse dropping, chimmi-changa loving jolt it has been missing since the rebirth of the comic book movie era.

As soon as the opening credit sequence rolls and masterfully sets the tone for the rest of the movie, you quickly realize that this isn’t your typical pg-13, half-assed origin story attempt with Deadpool, but in your heart of hearts you realize that this time, Fox got it right. Deadpool follows the life of a terminally ill,witty and fast-talking mercenary played by Ryan Reynolds, discovering the smallest possibility of curing himself in a scientific experience of an underground organization.Recovered, but horribly deformed with accelerated healing factor and an everlasting thirst for violence, Wade Wilson adopts the moniker Deadpool,to seek revenge against Francis/Ajax, who destroyed his life (and his face). Not only is this an extremely riveting, comedic and blood thirsty revenge film,the main focus of the film is the love story between Wade Wilson and Vanessa( played by Morena Baccarin), which fully wins over the hearts of all viewers. The chemistry between the characters is instantaneous and their eventual relationship is extremely believable due to both characters having over the top personalities riddled with imperfections.

From a technical standpoint, this movie is far better than it had any right to be. Armed with an extremely intelligent and well-made script, and air-tight directing from first time director Tim Miller the action sequences in the film feel lifted directly from a Deadpool comic and to the delight of many(including myself), the film rarely depends on CGI and opts for more practical effects and in-frame directing highlighting and increasing the tension in each scene. Not to completely outshine his x-men counterparts,the addition of Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead(no i’m not making this up) are used to play pivotal roles to integrate Deadpool into the playground of marvel characters that Fox owns while hinting at potential sequels without it feeling forced. Where the film falters is in between the second and third act,as the pacing of the film suffers slightly due to an over-reliance on montages(albeit entertaining in their own right), to tell the overall origin story of Wade Wilson. The film’s villain Francis/Ajax, played by Ed Skrien although serves his purpose and prolong the story, is unfortunately forgettable next to the larger than life hero ensemble.

Deadpool’s relentlessness in pushing the boundaries is refreshing to the world of cinema and opened up a myriad of possibilities for other cinematic universes to take more risks in their approach into film making.The importance of this movie cannot be overstated, and with the technical precision from Tim Miller and superb acting from the cast who are armed with one of the best scrips ever made for a super-hero movie Deadpool overcomes a lackluster villain and a few pacing issues to deliver an excellent revenge film.


Ananth Para

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